Yves Rocher Summer Beauty Products

If you haven’t heard of Yves Rocher, it’s a French originated company that created botanical skin care, body care, fragrance and makeup.

I was sent some products from the company to test, and have really been enjoying them.  Many of these products are very affordable and are of great quality! Some of my favorite Yves Rocher summer products are:

Yves Rocher Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie Shower

Yves Rocher Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie Shower Gel ($10 for 13.5 oz) — My daughters LOVED this shower gel (past tense because it was gone in a week).  The reason why is becasue this mango and passion fruit concoction smells delicious.  It smelled just like real fruit and lathered up nicely so that we could also use it as bubble bath!  Yum!

Yves Rocher Eau de toilette Monoï

Yves Rocher Eau de toilette Monoï ($32 3.3 oz) — One sniff of this and I was transported back to Hawaii — and I haven’t been there since my honeymoon over 20 years ago! Tiare and Ylang Ylang flowers are combined with a Vanilla base, and it is sweet, light and lovely.  Vacation in a bottle!  They also sell this scent in a body oil, but my teenage daughter took that for her dry legs, and I haven’t seen it since…

Yves Rocher Pearly Water

Yves Rocher Pearly Water ($10 1 oz) — Pearly and lightly scented skin all at once! Experience an immediate feeling of freshness with this slightly gelled, pearly water.  This can be used on the face and body. Its fine-textured, golden pearly particles subtly add shimmer to your complexion. Perfect for instantly enhancing your tan!

Yves Rocher Duo Kohl Pencil – Tropical

Duo Kohl Pencils ($6 USD) Highlight your eyes with these Duo Kohl Pencils, which combine two trendy colors. Each pair comes with one radiant iridescent color (Pink Gold or Camel) to enlarge and brighten your eyes and one intense, matt color (Purple or Tropical Khaki) to structure your eyes and give them depth. Mix and match the colors to create hot new looks!

I have the Tropical pencil that is Camel — a shimmery gold — on one end and Tropical Khaki — a dark blue-green on the other end.  I love this.  The camel is great for the corners of my eyes and lining the inner rims to create a wide-awake look.  The Tropical Khaki is gorgeous for enhincing the eyes and looks great with summer colors.

Yves Rocher Shimmering Bronzer

Yves Rocher Shimmering Bronzer ($10 USD) A tanned complexion for the summer! This shimmering bronzer is this summer’s must-have for a natural and radiant tan. Apply with a brush to enhance or intensify your bronzed complexion.  This is also a lovely highlighter for darker complexions!  So pretty!

Yves Rocher Lip Gloss – Sienna Red

Lip Gloss in Sienna Red ($5 USD) Luscious lips for the summer! Irresistible lips with this yummy-scented gloss. And the color?  I am not a fan of red for me, but this shimmery red is beautiful and would be great with a neutral or a smoky eye.  It also feels great on and is not sticky — AWESOME!

Visit www.yvesrocherusa.com to learn more and purchase.


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