Great New Beauty Brand — Nuance Salma Hayek!

Inspired by Salma Hayek’s grandmother, a cosmetologist who developed her own homemade beauty remedies, the line features some of Salma’s favorite ingredients from around the world. Perfect for your Spring beauty regimen, the NEW Nuance Salma Hayek products below are perfect for effortless beauty and year-round overnight repair.

Products pictured from left to right:

·        Advanced Hydration Smooth & Firm Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen ($19.99):  This lightweight gel crème’s advanced formula helps immediately fill in fine lines and wrinkles and provides SPF protection, absorbing quickly to seal in hydration and resurface skin.

·        Anti-Aging Tinted Eye Brightener ($19.99): Night owls and early risers can both benefit from this quick fix and leave those sunglasses at home! This age-defying, under-eye brightener features Caffeine, Blue Agave and Haloxyl Peptide to conceal dark circles, reduce puffiness, improve elasticity, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

·        Macadamia Nut Exfoliating Body Cleansing Scrub ($8.99): This creamy, exfoliating, cleansing butter provides superior hydration while removing dirt and oil. Macadamia Nut Oil and micro-beads gently slough off dead skin cells while Shea Butter and Coconut Oil moisturize, leaving skin clean and refreshed.

·        Intense Hydration Overnight Rejuvenator ($19.99): Repair skin while you sleep with this intensive treatment, which rejuvenates and nourishes dry, mature and sun-damaged skin! Anti-inflammatory Royal Jelly, Tepezcohuite and Camapu minimize signs of aging while hydrating and firming.

·        Overnight Time-Release Retinol Capsules ($21.99): Restore elasticity and radiance with these technologically-advanced capsules, utilizing Retinol (pure Vitamin A) to enhance elasticity, minimize fine lines and even tone and texture.  Toss these tiny, potent capsules in your travel bag for an on-the-go fix!

·        Lift & Shine Volumizing Mousse ($9.99): Get your “body” noticed with this volumizer! The non-sticky formula of this lightweight mousse features polymers and humectants to add volume and shine, thickening fine, limp hair and fighting frizz.

·        Style & Finish Firm Hold Hairspray ($9.99):  This strong-hold hairspray is formulated with the latest technology to deliver all-day style and control with flexible hold, keeping hair styled even in heat and humidity.

Right now I am particularly loving the Overnight Time-Release Retinol Capsules and the Anti-Aging Tinted Eye Brightener.  The capsules are a gel that when applied, leave skin smooth and soft.  They also have a matte finish, which although not so important at night, I really love.

The eye brightener is a quick step after concealer, that brightens eyes and minimizes the look of wrinkles. Also helps with my morning puffiness!

These products are all affordable and easily accessible at your local CVS/pharmacy. Enjoy!

One thought on “Great New Beauty Brand — Nuance Salma Hayek!

  1. Mmmm, Macademia Nut sounds yummy. I have a Salma Hayek lipstick in a deep red shade that I like a lot. The formula is a little wet, but the color makes up for it.

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