Winter Makeup Ideas and Tips From Laura Geller!

“Seasonal changes often require that modifications be made to one’s makeup regimen to ensure long-wearing, weather-proof results,” advises makeup artist and product developer Laura Geller.  “To keep skin looking even toned and healthier in the colder months, opt for creamy, nourishing formulas that will keep the complexion looking fresh and aptly hydrated.”

It finally rained in Kansas City for a few minutes today, after days of cold, dry air.  I know that my skin needs hydration.  I am taking care of it by exfoliating and using serums and creams — but I bristle thinking of using powdered blushes and other products on my skin.  So I am trying to use cream and liquid formulas.  Here are some perfect ideas from Laura:

Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under-Makeup Primer in Bronze ($25 USD) — “Oil-free and enriched with hydrating, yet lightweight ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica and White Tea Extracts, this primer soothes, helps reduce redness and adds some healthy color to skin,” says Laura.  I think a little bronzer in perfect in the winter, especially if you are pale like me.

Achieve a lovely flush of color with Laura’s Air Whipped Blush ($26 USD) — This blush glides on smoothly and blends in well for a sheer wash of color.  This blush also features a smoothing topical Dermal Filler to help restore skin’s plumpness and refine its texture.  It is available in two shades, Whisper Berry and Whisper Rose.

Signs of the cold are most often seen in dry, cracked lips.  Quench a parched pout with the Laura Geller Lively Lip SPF 15 Brightening Lip Gloss ($22 USD).  “I love that this lip gloss can instantly transform any lip color, while simultaneously nourishing and conditioning the area,” Laura confides.  “Plus, never forget that SPF protection is as important on the slopes as it is on the beach!”

You can purchase these at

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