Treat Yourself To A Home Spa Day

Is your skin stressed from sun and heat?  Try one or more of these relaxing products to get your skin in shape and looking fab!

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque ($45.00 USD)  — With soothing botanical extracts of cucumber, papaya, chamomile pineapple, sugar maple, sugar cane, orange, lemon and bilberry; this ultra-gentle, non-stinging, anti-irritant gel masque is made for all skin types including even the most sensitive skin. Recommended for daily use as a hydrating and calming masque. May be used under the eye area to reduce puffiness. Use in the treatment room to soothe the skin, even after the most potentially irritating procedures including extractions, waxing, clinical facials, peels and electrolysis.

What I think:  This green gel is fun to use, and is easy, too.  Just apply, let sit for 10 minutes and wash off.  Afterwards my face is soft and clear.  Any redness is reduced.  This doesn’t  irritate my skin at all, so it can be used each day.  This is available at and Sephora.

Lavanila Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Shower & Shave ($14.00 USD) – Packed with nourishing ingredients that promote healthy skin, this non-irritating time-saver soothes, cleans, and moisturizes. While traditional washes and shave creams are made with sulfates and other harsh detergents that can irritate sensitive skin, Lavanila’s all-natural, chemical-free formula is packed with a daily dose of anti-oxidants and vitamins that promote calm, healthy, super soft skin.

Key Ingredients include coconut oil, organic rose hip oil, organic aloe and calendula. The scents are Vanilla Passion Fruit, Vanilla Lavender, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit, and Vanilla Coconut.

What I think:  I tested the Vanilla Grapefruit wash and it was very effective as a shower gel, shaving gel and even as bubble bath. The scent is light and perfect for the summer.  Visit to learn more.

The Body Shop Body Butter Duos ($16.00 USD) features an innovative twin pot of fragranced Body Butters to moisturize skin from head to toe. One side moisturizes dry skin like your elbows and knees, and the other side caters to normal skin. They come in four delicious flavors: Vanilla, Macadamia, Acai and Sweet Pea.

What I think:  This is such a cool idea!  One side of the pot holds a thick cream that is almost like a balm and the other side holds a lighter cream.  Both are scented the same but are for different types of skin.  I like to use the thick cream on my feet and elbows and the lighter cream on arms and legs.  Visit to purchase.

Nothing feels worse than sunburnt skin! Smooth on aloe vera and lather up with Cures by Avance Skin Repair Body Mist ($39.00 USD) to hydrate and soothe skin. This exceptional body mist penetrates to heal and relieve sunburned skin. Sea minerals and essential oils provide deep rehydration and restored tone as the skin is visibly repaired. Perfect during the warm summer months for a lightweight, moisturizing glow that will bring out your tan!

What I think: This spray is light and moisturizing and is perfect for relieving summer skin problems. I do have to say that it has a very strong herbal scent, a little too strong for me.  But if you love natural-smelling products, this might be perfect for you! You can purchase this at

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