Perfect Your At-Home Mani and Pedi With Nutra Nail

I do home manicures and pedicures all of the time.  I usually go to the salon just once a year in the spring to get a professional pedi, then I take care of my feet all year long.  And I always do my own manicures?  What’s the trick? The right tools, LOTS of different shade of polish and products that keep my nails looking better for longer.

Two of my biggest nail challenges are wak/brittle nails and smudged polish. Which is precisely why Nutra Nail, the nail treatment company with over a half a century of nail care know-how, comes to the rescue with two new innovative products with big pay off.

Flex-Shield Nail Hardener —  When striving for healthy, beautiful nails, the first thing that comes to mind is strength so you can grow your nails exactly how you like them. Weak dry, brittle, peeling nails never look attractive, however, using the right nail care remedies can help you to achieve a beautiful set of ten. Since we only get one time to make a first-impression, healthy, strong nails are just as important as the rest of our appearance. To combat this common beauty predicament, and ensure the strongest nails possible, Nutra Nail® developed the new Flex-Shield Nail Hardener.

This innovative formula coats nails with a super-hard, yet flexible and invisible shield to reinforce nails and help prevent breaking, tearing and peeling. Patented technology keeps the shield flexible to better absorb daily abuse to the nails, making it chip resistant and longer lasting. And if this must-have product wasn’t remarkable enough, Flex-Shield Nail Hardener can be used as both a base coat and over colored polish as a top coat.

What I think:  I really like this product.  I use it as a base and top coat when I polish my nails and I swear my polish lasts longer without chipping!  I also use it when I am not wearing polish as it protects my nails and gives them a nice sheen. 

Instant Smudge Repair — How many times have you left the nail salon, reached for your wallet, keys, or coat and accidentally smudged your nails?  Or even worse, spent time doing your nails at home, thought they were dry, but wound up with a ding, ping or smudge? And let’s not forget going to bed with presumably dry nails only to wake up with those infamous bed sheet marks. After investing time and money on a professional manicure, or prioritizing your schedule to polish your nails at home, there really is nothing worse! 
Introducing the best “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?” beauty product to hit retail in years:  Nutra Nail® Instant Smudge Repair.  This miracle formula literally brushes away smudged, nicked, smeared, or dented polish in a snap. Just brush over the manicure mishap and instantly restore polish to a smooth, shiny finish without removal or reapplication of polish. 

What I think:  I have found that this works really well on small smudges.  Really big ones need to be removed and re-polished, but the smaller smudges can be smoothed out. Very handy to have around! 

Nutra Nail® Instant Smudge Repair is $3.29 and is available at Walmart, CVS and other national drugstore chains; Flex-Shield Nail Hardener is $4.98 and is available at Walmart and other national drugstore chains. Visit to learn more.

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