Perfect your Manicure With CND and Jason Wu

CND has the perfect product to get your hands and feet looking sexy this spring. Fashion designer Jason Wu is collaborating with runway manicure leader CND to introduce a limited edition Jason Wu Collection ($47.00 USD) that honors iconic women through wearable, timeless shades. The set will come with 4 Colours and 1 Effect that can be layered to achieve the designer’s effortless yet elegant nail styles.

“Every season I play with different ways of using color in my collection, so it was a natural choice to collaborate with CND on a capsule of nail colors that reflects my aesthetics. Included in the set is my signature gray color,” says Jason Wu.

The Shades Are:

Miss Wu – Jason’s signature limestone, warm gray that dries matte with subtle chrome sheen, in perfect harmony of masculinity and femininity

Brigitte – voluptuous warm pink that perfectly channels 50’s screen siren

Sophia – gorgeous mushroom taupe

Veronica – highlights the evolution of decadence with a blue-based, oxblood red

Anna Effect – layered over any of the four Colours provides a tweed finish via microscopic fibrous pieces that create cool, subtle texture

These colors are extremely classy and perfect for any outfit. The effect is interesting, but I like the polishes with out the effect. They are creamy and very opaque — you only need two coats.

SpaPedicure™ Marine Salt Scrub ($43.50 US 18 oz) — Physically exfoliates dead skin cells with minerals and sea salts and deeply conditions and softens skin with sunflower oil and vitamin E. The scrub leaves skin with a soft, luminous glow and does not leave a greasy residue. It contains mineral and Dead Sea Salt – provides effective yet gentle exfoliation and helps relieve inflammation when dissolved in water.

I used the scrub on my feet, legs and other rough spots like my elbows. It is extremely gentle but smooths skin and imparts great glow! It’s a perfect prep for the Jason Wu kit.

Visit to learn more and purchase.

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