Experience the Organic Luxury Beauty of red flower

I have recently tried a line of bath and body products called red flower. This is a cool, different sort of beauty company. The website touts:  

“red flower was founded by yael alkalay who was inspired to create a kind of beauty that is not easily bottled, one that focuses both on the internal and the external. always looking and trying to find, yael believes that true indulgence is personal and takes a lifetime. red flower’s inspiration finds its roots in yael’s cultural heritage, her grandfather was the first dermatologist in bulgaria, she descends from eight generations of turkish grand rabbis, kiev musicians and farmers from the pampas of argentina. traveling extensively to maintain family ties and traditions, she lives with deep medical, spiritual and agricultural sensitivity, rich household customs and everyday sensual moments.  the line continues to evolve and grow with over a hundred products, each with the generosity of scent, health and environmental consciousness, performance and integrity which make red flower so innovative”.

I really love the indian jasmine organic bath, body & massage oil ($18.00 USD) — This multi-purpose oil contains a blend of certified organic fruit oil, jojoba oil, jasmine flowers, jasmine sambac, tangerine, neroli and ylang- ylang. Packaged in recycled dark glass bottles, this luxurious oil is quite a treat. I like to put a few drops in my bath then rub some all over after bathing. The scent is divine! It reminds my of a jasmine bush that I had on my porch at a house  I really loved. Since jasmine blooms at night, I would go out on a warm summer day and deeply breathe in the fragrance. 

italian blood orange cleansing hair wash ($28.00 USD)  is a nice light shampoo that scents the hair with pure flower extracts, vegetable proteins and fruit oils of orange blossom, grapefruit, lime and orange rind. This is a fresh fragrance that my daughters (and myself) really loved.

Visit www.redflower.com to learn more about these very fab bath and body products. Enjoy!

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