Hard Candy Arrives at Walmart!

Remember the Hard Candy nail polishes sold at department stores with the plastic ring on top? There back and for sale (at great prices) at Walmart! Crazy, but true!

I think that it’s cool that prestige cosmetics, Sephora or Ulta worthy, are being sold at a store — and a price — that is affordable for everyone.It’s the first time a prestige cosmetics collection has gone mass and features unique, specialty products. And the selection is fabulous! From Lip Sticks, glosses to  lots of eye products to bronzers — yes, even the polish with the cute rings on top — fun products for many occasions.

I have received samples of the Just Nails Nail polish ($5.00)  with the ring (a cool red heart and yes, I am wearing it), Glitz Stick Glitter Pencil ($6.00), a thick glittery eye pencil and Plexi Gloss ($5.00) a supper glossy lip gloss. They all are really fun and will be great for a night out. And don’t forget the teenagers in your life. With these prices, stock up for stuffing stockings (I am always thinking ahead).

Visit www.walmart.com to browse the selection, or walk in to your local Walmart and see what fun products are there. Enjoy!

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