Darac Beauty

As a forty-something woman, I am always looking for products that will make my skin appear flawless. Darac, a celebrity makeup artist, has introduced a makeup line that focuses on flawless skin. His Core Solutions are made to help women with solutions to common, but troubling makeup problems. Darac says on his website, “Everyone has similar core concerns. When you say, my foundation doesn’t match my skin; my powder makes me look like my great-great grandmother; I used to have long delicious lashes and now I have four sausages, or anything else you’ve struggled with, Core Solutions offers you specific solutions with instant results.”
I have recently tried some of Darac’s fantastic products. My favorites are: 
Feature Focus ($39.50) is a compact of 3 different cream bases made to cover, contour and highlight the face. This product comes with the Looking Glass Cheat Sheet, which is a cling sheet that you can put on your mirror. It contains a diagram of where to place the products.  Forgive is a great color for concealing, Forget is for highlighting and Frame is a darker shade to sculpt. I love to use Forgive under my eyes and on blemishes, Forget goes on my cheek bones and under my browbone and Frame is great for my chin area!

The TourQuam ($40.00)  TourQuam Luxe ($75.00) brushes are some of the coolest I’ve tried. They are super-soft and full and contain magnets in the handle which I think draw the product into the brushes so you can swirl on an even coat of the product and use less of it. I use the TourQuam for bronzer and blush and the TourQuam Luxe for my powder.

Sifted Blur ($32.00) is more than a powder. Used with the TourQuam or TourQuam plus, I sweep it all over my face and it instantly makes my face look even and glow. The website states that, “Sifted Blur can be used as a under foundation to facilitate application of makeup and not allow it to rob water from your skin; it can be used over foundation to set and perfect makeup; or used without any makeup at all, any time of the day.” I have used it over my makeup and on its own, but I am going to definitely try it under my makeup in these hot, humid summer days when my face gets a little oily!

Expedition Mascara ($19.50) really lengthens my lashes while adding volume. Summer Allergies have forced me to wear my glasses instead of my contacts, and with Expedition, my lashes keep hitting my glasses! I have to make sure they are totally dry before I put my glasses on. This mascara also is vitamin-packed and nourishes lashes with a silk extract. I have noticed that my lashes stay glossy, black and soft all day long! You can also use the tiny detail brush included to get all of your little lashes and your bottom ones as well.

Visit www.daracbeauty.com to learn more about and to purchase this luxury cosmetic line. You are going to love it!

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