The Mascara De Jour — Exceptionnel De Chanel

Exceptionnel De Chanel
Exceptionnel De Chanel

WOW. Not much more to say, but WOW!

Okay, I obviously have lots more to say (I do love to write!). So… lets start from the beginning.

My lashes are puny. and short. and very sparse. A mascara makes me happy if it gives me the appearance that I have any lashes at all, and if it doesn’t smear under my eyes five minutes after I’ve applied it. I’ve learned not to ask for much for my lashes, but this amazing Chanel mascara has exceeded all of my mascara hopes and dreams.

Chanel’s claim for Exceptionnel De Chanel is that it lifts, curls and gives volume to lashes with it’s revolutionary six-sided brush. Three short, soft sets of bristles are inter-mingled with three longer, stiff plastic combs.

The trick is to rotate the wand as you lift up and out while applying the mascara. This curls, thickens and lengthens my sorry little lashes. The effect is almost false eyelash-esque. I even had to get used to the feeling of such long eyelashes. Weird but very cool.

This mascara retails for $28.00 American on the Chanel website. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a worthwhile mascara splurge. Enjoy!

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