Look Awake With Three Custom Color Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed!

I have noticed that lately my peepers are looking pooped! The cold air always makes me look tired, plus I am still tired from the holidays and from working out (I am trying to get fit this year). So how can I look awake when I don’t feel awake??? 

Introducing: Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed ($37.50) From Three Custom.e Color.  This is a problem-solving duo featuring a new Eye Brightening Eye Shadow and their cult-favorite Light Clarifier Pencil. Here are the descriptions of the products:

Eye Brightening Shadow – This peach-toned shadow counteracts blue undertones that can make eyes look tired. The satin finish subtly reflects light for a fresher, livelier look!
Light Clarifier Pencil – Apply this nude-toned pencil to the lower inner rim of the eye to make them appear brighter, instantly! This shade compliments all skin tones and is water-resistant to last all day long.

I have to say that this system really works! The peach shadow is really pretty and makes my eyes look clearer. If I am just running around, I will wear this alone. If I am going out or to work, I add a brown or green shadow to the crease and outer corner of my eye.  The pencil is a little miracle. I put it in the inner rim of my lower lid and it looks great. But I also put a little under my eyebrow and smudge, I place it in the inner corner of my eyes and even on the cupid’s bow of my lip. It can brighten up so many areas! This is very much a multi-tasking product.

Visit www.threecustom.com to learn more and to purchase!