King of Shaves Woman Shaving Gel

King of Shaves Woman Shaving Gel
King of Shaves Woman Shaving Gel


King of Shaves — — a UK line, has introduced a line of women’s shaving products. They use low foam formulations to offer a close shave without the drying after affects of lather.

I tried the Pamper and Moisturise Shaving Gel ($5.99). This luxurious gel contains chamomile and rose to sooth and calm the skin. I like the soft fragrance of this gel and the close shave I get from it.

Here are some great tips and tricks from Master Barber for King of Shaves, Diane Wood to go with the King of Shaves Woman Shaving Gel:

Shave at Night: Shaving removes dead skin cells and the superficial layer of the epidermis reducing skin’s defenses. Try shaving in the evening to avoid exposing weakened skin to external elements.

Do it in the Shower: Warm, wet hair is three times easier to shave than dry.  Therefore, try to shave during a shower, thoroughly wetting hair with warm water for at least three minutes.  Also try to exfoliate skin before shaving to prevent in-grown hairs.

Use a Low Foam Formula Shaving Gel: Opt for a low foam gel such as King of Shaves Woman rather than foamy gels or plain soap and water which can rob skin of moisture, leaving it dry and irritated.

For the Smoothest Stems: Start at the ankles and shave upwards.  Shave from the bottom of the ankle, gently gliding the blade up the leg, in one smooth stroke. Take extra care and shave slowly when shaving areas where bone is close to the skin surface, such as ankles and knees.

Be Flexible: Remember to flex the heel to stretch the skin while shaving to avoid nicks and cuts that often occur behind the ankle.
Bikini Babe: Follow the natural direction of hair growth to prevent irritation, particularly in the bikini area. Do not press too hard; let the blade do the work.
Up in Arms: Underarm hair grows in different directions; thus one must shave up, down and across. To prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, pull skin tight with one hand, while shaving with the other. Re-apply shaving gel regularly.
Post-Shave: Thoroughly rinse any remaining gel from skin. Avoid exposing skin to any potential irritants (i.e. lotions, fragrance or salt water) for an hour to allow skin’s pores to close.

Smooth Shaving Part 2 — Gillette Venus Spa Breeze and Embrace Razors

Gillette Venus razors are one of the most popular brands for women, and with good reason. They are always introducing new, extremely effective products. When you buy a Venus razor, you know it’s going to give you a close, smooth shave.

I’ve been lucky enough to try some of the new and revamped razors from Venus:

Gillette Venus Embrace — $9.99 — $11.99 USD for the refillable razor, two cartridges, and a shower pod to hold the razor in the shower and $13.49 – $14.99 USD for a four-pack cartridge refills. This razor now comes with a new purple and turquoise handle and has five, yes FIVE, blades for an perfectly smooth and close shave. I love this razor! The head swivels and hugs every curve. This would be perfect for the summer when we wear way less clothes!

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze System —  $9.99 USD for the refillable razor, two shave gel bar cartrideges and a shower compact and $11.49 USD for a four-pack of refill cartridges.  

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Disposables — $6.49 – $8.49  USD for a two pack.

What makes the Spa Breeze different than most razors is that it has shave-gel bars on the head of the razor above and below the blades. The shave gel bars are scented with white tea and you do not need separate shaving lotion or soap when shaving.  

Both the Spa Breeze Refillable and the Disposables are practically the same. The handle on the refillable is a little bigger and more ornate. The only real difference is if the user enjoys a refillable razor or prefers disposables.

I gave my 13 year old daughter Hannah the refillable and I tried the disposable (the Embrace is all mine!).    Hannah reports that the Spa Breeze’s scent is fantastic and it makes her legs smooth, but she had to go over some areas twice. I agree with her. It is such a cool idea to have built in shave gel and would be great to take on trips this summer. But the shave bars do kind of get in the way of the blades, making it necessary to shave twice to make sure you get all of the hair.

My recommendation is for the Venus Embrace — don’t let five blades scare you. They are awesome. If you love great scents and don’t want to buy a separate shaving lotion, try the Venus Spa Breeze.  Visit their website at to learn more about the products and find a retailer near you.

Smooth Shaving Part 1 — Whish All Natural Shaving Products

I have been known to just use soap or shower gel to shave my legs. So it was a really nice change to use the luxurious Whish shaving products. This line uses natural and mostly organic ingredients. Without the harsh chemicals, my skin is even smoother after shaving than usual!

The Whish Pomegranate Shave Crave Pump Shave Cream ($24.00 USD), is a very moisturizing, thick cream.  It has a wonderful pomegranate scent that is tart and sweet all at once! The ingredients includes organic shea butter, organic green tea and organic jojoba seed oil, and they leave your skin soft and smooth.  Unlike many store brands of shaving cream, the Whish Shave Crave doesn’t dry the skin or leave it sticky. It’s kind of like a shower gel and body butter all in one.

After shaving, I use the Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum ($22.50 USD) on the little red bumps on my legs. I’ve noticed that even after the first use, the bumps were less noticeable. After a couple weeks of use they seem to almost vanish. Their formula includes wheat germ extract to soothe, yeast extract to regenerate and willow bark extract to fight inflammation. It has a very mild scent and feels cool when you apply it.

The Whish products are “made in the USA with Earth friendly packaging and ingredients. Tested on us, not animals™.” These are a nice splurge, especially with warmer weather (hopefully) in the near future. You can purchase this products along with shower gels, body butters and much more at Enjoy!