Prep and Moisturize For Soft Skin This Fall and Winter

I am already getting dry patches on my skin and it’s only the first of November!  Sigh…it is time to really take care of my skin.

I was sent the products below for my honest review.  They are:

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub ($4.99 USD) — Discover the swiss secrets for smooth, radiant skin. St. Ives fresh skin invigorating apricot scrub captures these secrets in its deep cleansing formula with 100% natural exfoliates that gently remove dull, dead skin cells to instantly reveal smooth, radiant skin.

What I think: I’ve always loved St. Ives.  I’m not surprised that I am enjoying this scrub.  The scent so good!  Fresh and fruity.  And the scrub leaves my face so soft.  I exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week and this is gentle enough for my routine.

Avaialble at mass market retailers near you.

Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes
Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes

Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes ($25 USD) — Gently remove all traces of make-up, the days build up of dirt, impurities and pollutants with new Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover for Face and Eyes. With this organic make-up remover, skin is left soothed, conditioned and revitalized with all-natural plant oils and rejuvenated with tangerine and orange oils that de-congest and increase circulation.

What I think:  Loving this! This is now my go-to eye makeup remover. It is gentle on my eyes, but takes off all traces of stubborn eye liner and mascara.  I have been using it every night.

Available at

ente Dermal Repair Cream
Sente Dermal Repair Cream

Sente Dermal Repair Cream ($169.95 (1.7 oz) or $79.95 (.5 oz)) —

Sente uses a patented blend of ingredients including Heparan Sulfate (HS), a naturally occurring complex of a sugar plus a protein (glycoprotein). This fresh and advanced scientific approach to beauty delivers benefits unlike any cream on the market:

  • Heals skin faster following common dermatological procedures including IPL, lasers, chemical peels, skin tightening and injectables
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles. Enjoy smoother and younger looking skin
  • Hypoallergenic formulation penetrates quickly, leaving no greasy residue or fragrance – perfect under makeup
  • Restores and enhances skin’s intrinsic ability to heal itself (sunburns, scarring)
  • Soothes redness and irritation
  • Normalizes skin tone and restore radiance
  • Delivers profound hydration with daily use
  • Safe for use on even the most sensitive skin types

What I think: This is medical grade skincare that is gentle on the skin.  My skin gets more sensitive as I grow older, so gentle skincare is a must.  I have only been using it for a few days, but I can see the redness fading and my skin is very soft with use.  I will keep using for younger-looking skin!

Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines
Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines

Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines ($48 USD) — This age-defying, light–reflecting cream works to smooth out and diminish existing lines and wrinkles, helping with deep level repair whilst protecting against new lines forming.

What I think: This is very light and is a great day cream.  I haven’t seen evidence of my wrinkles diminishing yet (after a few weeks use in the morning), but it makes my skin bright and soft.

Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines can be purchased at

Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil with Grapeseed & Essential Oils
Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil with Grapeseed & Essential Oils

Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil with Grapeseed and Essential Oils ($49.95, sale price $25 USD) — Maijan Pure Moroccan Argan Oil infused with Grapeseed Oil and Essential Oils is the perfect solution for healthy hair and skin.  This miracle golden Organic Argan Oil helps soothe and soften both dry and frizzy hair and trouble skin.  Maijan’s secret blend of the Organic Argan Oil infused with Grapeseed and essential oils gives your hair and skin a sense of pure luxury like none other.

What I think:  I love argan oil for my skin and my hair.  Its a product that you can safely use all over for instant hydration. It also smells great!  It’s a perfect, natural product.

Learn more at

Yes to Grapefruit Naturally Smooth Lip Balm
Yes to Grapefruit Naturally Smooth Lip Balm

Yes to Grapefruit Naturally Smooth Lip Balm ($2.99 USD) — This lip gloss has a mix of moisturizing Aloe, Cocoa, and Shea Butter deliver intense hydration and moisturization This flavor is a delicious grapefruit treat to wake you and your gorgeous lips up. Consumers preferred this sleek, oval shape, because it fits easily everywhere, and applies nicely around lips.

What I think:  I really love how soft this is on my lips. It keeps them moisturized and smelling great, although I can’t detect a taste.  It also comes in Blueberry and Pomegranate SPF 15.

Available at mass market retailers near you.

Have you tried any of these products?  What skin care are you using now?  Leave me a comment, I would love to know!

Get Gorgeous Hair This Fall!

It can be difficult to keep hair soft and shiny during the colder months.  It is important to use the right products to manage dry hair and keep it looking great!

I was sent the following products to review with my honest opinion.  Try one or two to help your hair this fall:

Good Earth Beauty Pumpkin Chai Restorative Shampoo
Good Earth Beauty Pumpkin Chai Restorative Shampoo
Shampoo Pumpkin Chai Restorative ($15 USD 8 oz) — A Good Earth Beauty Exclusive! A moisturizing, restorative shampoo scented like pumpkin with a hint of spice. Warm, cozy and delightful. A perfect marriage of fresh pumpkin with creamy, milky chai.
What I think:  This smells delicious!  My daughters and I are really enjoying the scent of this and the matching conditioner.  Not only does it smell amazing (and the hair keeps the scent all day), it leaves my hair clean and soft!

Available at

AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Demi Permanent Liqui-Creme Haircolor Clear
AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Demi Permanent Liqui-Creme Haircolor Clear

Zotos AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Demi Permanent Liqui-Creme Haircolor Clear ($5.99 USD) –a colorless demi-permanent shine glaze that adds a brilliant glossiness, amplifies smoothness, and improves hair’s manageability.

What I think: This is a great product to add shine back into the hair! It’s easy to use and leaves hair soft and shiny without changing the color.

Available at

Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Serum
Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Serum

Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Serum ($49.95 on sale for $25 USD, 3.4 fl oz) — Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Serum with Grapeseed Oil and Essential Oils is a leave-in hair serum which naturally infuses you hair with Omega-6, antioxidants, and Vitamin E.  Your hair instantly absorbs the serum resulting in incredible shine, softness, bounce, and UV protection.  This amazing serum instantly eliminates frizz!  That is amazing.

What I think: This is a great everyday serum.  I put it in my hair washing while it is still damp and it helps keep away the frizzies and leaves my hair soft and shiny.  It is a light, non-greasy oil.  And it has a fresh, herbal scent.

Learn more at

ricket Amped Up Tease Brush Fushia
Cricket Amped Up Tease Brush Fushia

Cricket  Amped Up Tease Brush Fushia ($4.29, $2.69 on sale now) — A Cricket Amped Up Tease Brush works great to increase volume on all hair types. Great for updo styling and increasing volume on all hair types.

Boar. Nylon mixed multi-level bristles enable you to create various degrees of volume and style easily. A unique bristle pattern and texture minimizes damage, breakage, frizz and split ends. Hair is left smooth and shiny.

An ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort as well as being heat and chemical resistant. Specially designed sectioning tip allows for separation and texture variation.

What I think:  I don’t usually tease my hair, but I really like this brush.  It teases well, or you can use it as a detangler.  Very affordable!

Available at

Mixed Chicks Spring Bands
Mixed Chicks Spring Bands

Mixed Chicks Spring Bands ($3 USD) — Mixed Chicks introduces their very own tangle-free spring bands that are perfect for all types of hair; never pulling out any strands and leaving hair kink/tangle-free. No more worrying about damaging your locks with extra tight constraints. Go from updos to loose, flowy locks without dents or lumps using these new spring bands! Whether you have straight, natural, or super curly tresses, the hair ties will slip out effortlessly without damaging or breaking your hair. Easy to put in or take out, these spring bands are great for gym workouts, quick errands or evening outings. Color coordinate your favorite look with any one of the spring bands and be a trendsetter with this stylish new hair product.

What I think:  These work very well in all types of hair.  I have wavy hair, but I know that they will work well in curly hair, too.  They are available in Clear Light Yellow, Clear Light Pink, Clear Aqua Blue, Clear Amber, and Clear Black.

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