Kérastase Age Premium Collection

Kérastase Paris, a leader in luxury haircare, has recently launched the Age Premium Collection. This collection includes internal and external regimens designed to address the unique needs of mature hair and scalp.

Of course skin, eyes and bones aren’t the only parts of our bodies affected by aging — our hair and scalp gets ravaged by time, too. Hair grows in repeated cycles of various phases, anagen (growth); catagen (regressing); and telogen (resting).  As we age, the life cycle of the hair gradually tends to become deregulated and the amount of hair in the growth phase decreases. In addition, the production of the substance of the hair is disrupted, while micro-circulation slows down depriving the bulb of its nutrients. The hair loses density and becomes fragile, dull and porous. 

This line includes oral nutrients as well as hair products. I was able to test the two products below — a shampoo and a hair masque.

Age Premium Bain Substantif ( $34.00 USD)

  • Gently cleanses hair with enriched anti-oxidant ingredients
  • Hair is left looking rejuvenated with body and suppleness

 Age Premium Masque Substantif ($60.00 USD)

  • Features Hyaluronic acid, an innovative ingredient in haircare, which is widely used in skincare due to its exceptional hydrating properties
  • Hair is deeply nourished and recovers suppleness
  • Scalp feels soothed and rebalanced, and the feeling of tightness dissipates

I really love how my hair looks while using these products! I have noticed my hair is visibly thicker, softer and my dark brown color seems richer. My hair is dramatically better looking! I know I am a bit younger than the target audience — women 50+ and/or experiencing menopause — but I do think my fine, dull hair is in better condition since using the Age Premium Collection/

I highly recommend this line– it is worth the price! Visit www.kerastase-usa.com to learn more and to purchase these wonderful products.