Holiday Gift Guides 2015: Fab Skincare Gift Sets

More gift ideas you ask?  Of course!

Skincare is an amazing gift to give!  I think a lot of people aren’t certain how to take care of their skin as they grow older.  A kit with various products that tell you how to use them will help your family and friends take care of their skin.

Below are great sets to give:


H2O+ Sea Results Skin Renewal Minis
H2O+ Sea Results Skin Renewal Minis

H2O+ Sea Results Skin Renewal Minis ($24 USD) — Smooth away fine lines and replenish skin with a plumping surge of H2O+ anti-aging marine moisture. This mini-sized collection is infused with Anti-Aging Marine Blend, sea minerals and seaweed extracts to revitalize skin, improve elasticity, and keep skin looking as young as it feels. Set Contents 1.Sea Results Sea Mineral Cleanser1.0 Fl oz/ 30 mL travel size 2.Sea Results Line Mender0.5 Fl oz/ 15 mL travel size 3.Sea Results Eye Mender Plus0.24 Fl oz/ 7 mL travel size 4.Sea Results Anti-Aging Hand Cream1.0 Fl oz/ 30 mL travel size

Available at

Philosophy spirit of miracles
Philosophy spirit of miracles

Philosophy spirit of miracles ($70 USD) — choose to live in the spirit of miracles and discover younger-looking skin. this comprehensive selection from the miracle worker family of skin care includes targeted treatments for morning and evening to address signs of aging including wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin tone and rough texture. miracle worker miraculous anti-aging moisturizer 2 oz., miracle worker overnight age-resetting, anti-wrinkle moisturizer 0.5 oz. and miracle worker miraculous anti-aging retinoid eye repair 0.25 oz. are advanced skin care formulas offering radiant results. let miracles happen and start revealing a younger-looking you.

Purchase at

Intraceuticals Limited Edition Divine Eyes Collection
Intraceuticals Limited Edition Divine Eyes Collection

Intraceuticals Limited Edition Divine Eyes Collection ($169 USD) — This gift set contains Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Eye Gel, Eye Mask (6 pieces), and the Atoxelene Line Wand.

Purchase at

Yves Rocher Anti-Âge Global Collection
Yves Rocher Anti-Âge Global Collection

Yves Rocher Anti-Âge Global Collection ($54 USD) — This new generation of skin care uses the power of plant source cells to offer visible results: smoother, firmer, denser, perfectly moisturized and radiant skin!

– Complete Anti-aging Day Care, 1.6 fl. oz./50 ml jar
– Complete Anti-aging Eye Care, 0.5 fl. oz./15 ml tube
– FREE Signature Beauty Case*, dimensions : 7.1’’/ 18 cm L x 4.3”/11 cm H x 5.1”/13 cm Dbr />
*The Signature Beauty Case may vary

Available at



Treat Your Skin With Luxe Skincare from Immunocologie and Intraceuticals

I love to try all types of skincare — preferably the anti-aging types!  I think that you can purchase effective skincare at all price ranges, but sometimes its really nice to splurge and treat your skin.

I was sent the following Immunocologie and Intraceuticals products for my honest review (and for better skin!):

Immunocologie Cleansing Lotion ($65 USD) is an anti-oxidative daily cleanser that provides deep and nourishing pore cleanse. It opens pores and cleanses effectively to remove impurities on the surface of the skin, activating blood circulation and microcirculation, ideal for highly sensitive skin. The active ingredients in our cleansing lotion offer extensive  rejuvenation  and enhance the over health of your skin. The cleansing lotion is formulated to balance the skin’s natural PH and protect the skin against the elements, pollution and free radicals. With its skin reviving benefits, it is the ideal choice for an everyday cleanser.

Immunocologie Oxygen Treatment Crème ($195 USD) delivers a superior oxygenated exfoliation experience and a deep cellular ionic exchange, in a soothing and nourishing crème balanced with a rich blend of minerals and trace minerals. Exfoliation is essential in alleviating the dull, sluggish and aged appearance that dead skin portrays. The Oxygen Treatment Crème is a rapid acting regenerative treatment giving your skin the youthful complexion only this powerful exfoliator can provide.
Immunocologie Vital Ionic Mist ($65 USD) A hydrating concentrated mineral formula containing 15 minerals essential to optimal skin cell performance and epidermal ionic balance. Through a balanced provision of negatively charged ions, Vital Ionic Mist immediately provides the skin with a refreshing and light boost of minerals that increase epidermal vitality and reduce the positive ion and free radical activity that cause cellular degeneration on all layers of the skin.
What I Think: the Cleansing Lotion is so gentle.  It also leaves my skin insanely soft after use.  Perfect to use twice a day.  I use the Oxygen Treatment Crème every evening before my night cream.  When I wake up, my skin is soft and glowing.  And the Ionic Mist is so refreshing.  I use it after cleanser. All of these products have a mild, earthy scent. 
Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Daily Serum ($149 USD) To deliver hydration and also instantly revive skin, this serum acts like a primer for the skin to maximize lasting hydration and keep your skin looking healthy and fresh all day long.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Hydration Gel ($89 USD) To replenish the skin this gel continuously helps the skin stay hydrated and acts as a reservoir of water for the skin.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream ($69 USD) Lock-in hydration use this nourishing, lightweight cream designed to protect and defend against environmental stressors and address the visible signs of aging. This last step is valuable to visibly improve skin texture and appearance.

What I think: The combination of all three of these products leave my skin so soft and glowing.  The texture of my skin is so much smoother and younger looking. This is great for night or day with an SPF as the last step.
What is your favorite skincare right now?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Smooth and Tone Skin For Summer!

I love trying new skin care.  I never know when I am going to find a new favorite.  I also think it’s good to switch things up now and then in my skincare routine.

Below are my new favorites from Intraceuticals, Hada Labo Tokyo, Luzern, Lumene and The Vitamin Shoppe.

What are your current skincare faves?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel
Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel ($29 USD) — A lightweight gel cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Removes impurities, restoring the skin’s natural balance. Primes the skin for optimal results from 3 step hyaluronic layering.

What I think: This is a nice, light cleanser that cleans skin without drying it out.  I think a gel cleanser is perfect for summer as it isn’t heavy on the skin.

Available at

Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask
Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask

Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask ($14.99 Pack of 4) — Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask one of a kind spa treatment at home! 10 minute revitalizing facial. Intense yet gentle infusion of anti-aging ingredients for an immediate boost of hydration and youth restoration. Adheres perfectly to the facial contours for maximum coverage. Suitable for all skin types. Free from parabens, fragrances, dyes and mineral oil. Clinically shown to deliver significant results in 4 weeks: 79% saw improved skin texture & smoothness, 74% saw improved skin elasticity & firmness, 4 Week Clinical Study – Improvement over baseline.

What I think: These are so great!  They are easy to use — just open a pack and smooth the paper mask on your skin.  Then leave it on for 10 minutes and remove.  Leaves skin soft and glowing!

Available at

Luzern Laboratories Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Eye Contour Crème
Luzern Laboratories Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Eye Contour Crème

Luzern Laboratories Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Eye Contour Crème ($90 USD) — This moisture-rich cream unites the latest eye contour-perfecting technology with the cutting-edge formula of Force De Vie Crème Luxe, the anti-aging crème moisturizer that has inspired a cult following. Force De Vie restores the “life force” to skin by optimizing three skin-vital functions: cellular energy, moisture balance, and nutrient utilization for a fresh, healthy-looking, radiant complexion…everyday. Boosts cellular oxygen uptake to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis and promote microcirculation to enhance skin luminosity.

What I think:  This is a gorgeous eye cream!  It is velvety in texture and glides right onto the eye area.  I notice that instantly, the skin around my eye looks more hydrated and smoother.

Purchase at

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum
Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum ($21.99 USD) — Instantly brightening. Illuminating. Beautifying. Pore minimizing. Hydrating. Sheer finish. No color. All skin types. Arctic skin science. Wild arctic cloudberry and encapsulated vitamin C. The potent nectar and seed oil of the resilient arctic cloudberry protect and detoxify, while encapsulated vitamin C allows for time-released skin penetration. Additional light reflecting pigments provide instant luminosity. The bioactive combination delivers lasting radiance for bright, smooth skin, protected from the signs of aging. Formulated without parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oil, synthetic colorants. Vitamin C BB serum provides instantly silky soft, visibly more beautiful and brighter skin. Light reflecting pigments help to create flawless, radiant complexion. Gently exfoliates to help clarify the skin and smooth out a rough texture. Helps to minimize pores and keep skin matte.

What I think:  Serum is so important for all skincare regimens.  This not only delivers anti-aging powerhouses like Vitamin C, it gives skin

Available at mass market retailers. Learn more at

The Vitamin Shoppe Moroccan Argan Replenishing Skin Care Oil ($7.99 USD), Balancing, Nurturing, Hydrating. For general skin care dispense small amount of oil into palm of hand. Rub hands together to spread evenly & pat onto face, hair other areas of need. For added benefit mix each pump o oil with 1 to 2 drops of Vitamin Shoppe Essential Oil.

The Vitamin Shoppe Peppermint Essential Oil ($8.49 USD) — The Vitamin Shoppe Peppermint 100% Pure Essential Oil. Add essential oils to Vitamin Shoppe Carrier oils. Do not apply undiluted oils directly to your skin.

What I think:  I haven’t used a lot of essentials oils, but the cooling property of peppermint oil is touted to improve the dullness of your skin and dry up excess oil.  I have tried Argan oil before and love how hydrating it is for skin and hair.  Both of these products are very affordable and natural!

Available at

Help Your Skin Glow This Fall With Products by Hada Labo Tokyo, Taut, Amarte and Intraceuticals

When the weather gets colder, it is so important to really take care of the skin before it becomes dry and dull.

There aer so many different types of products that you can use to help the skin glow. I have been sent the products below to review for my honest opinion.  These products run the gamut from cleansers, moisturizers, eye gels, masks and even a collagen drink.

Use one or combine them for perfect, glowing skin!

Intraceuticals Opulence Brightening Cleanser
Intraceuticals Opulence Brightening Cleanser

Intraceuticals Opulence Brightening Cleanser ($49 1.69 fl. oz. USD) A gently foaming cleanser to thoroughly cleanse, lift away impurities and leave skin soft, clean and bright.

What I think:  This cleanser is very gentle on the skin.  Lots of cleansers leave my sensitive skin red, but this does not.  It also doesn’t dry my skin out after use.

Purchase at

Amarte Wonder Cream
Amarte Wonder Cream

Amarte Wonder Cream ($79  2.7 fl. oz) — A refined skin treatment used to restore and nourish precious, delicate skin. Retinol and nutrient-rich, the advanced Korean formula therapeutically and gently diminishes freckles and sunspots, reduces lines and wrinkles and lovingly exfoliates for a supple, translucent complexion. Formulated with unique ingredients like caviar extract, pearl powder, and mushroom emollient, Wonder Cream revitalizes the skin with minerals and protects against external factors such as UV rays, irritation, and environmental toxins.

What I think: I like to use this moisturizer at night after a serum.  It is a great overnight treatment.  It can also be used in the day time before SPF.  This is very gentle on the skin and really makes skin look bright.

Available at

Hada Lado Tokyo Protecting Day Lotion SPF 18
Hada Labo Tokyo Protecting Day Lotion SPF 18

Hada Labo Tokyo Protecting Day Lotion SPF 18 ($17.99 USD 1.7 fl. oz) —
Combines broad spectrum sunscreen with Super Hyaluronic Acid™ to replenish moisture and protect skin against the harmful effects of sun exposure. Helps strengthen skin’s resistance to signs of premature aging. Gentle formula leaves skin feeling comfortable, smooth and protected.

What I think:  This is an excellent day moisturizer.  It has sunscreen built in, eliminating a step in your skin care routine.  Asian skincare is hot right now, and this one is very affordable!

Learn more at and purchase at

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Contour Eye Gel
Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Contour Eye Gel

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Contour Eye Gel ($125 USD) An ultra concentrated gel hydrator with double the concentration of hyaluronic acid, specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. Ultimate hydration and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

What I think: I usually use eye creams, so this gel is a nice change of pace.  It instantly cools and hydrates my eye area. After use for a few days, I noticed that the skin under my eyes looked smoother and a lot less puffy.  I am hoping with use over time, it will help with my dark circles.

Available at

Taut Collagen Mask
Taut Collagen Mask

Taut Collagen Mask ($50 for 5 masks) — LAC Taut Collagen Mask is a luxurious, high-intensity facial mask that helps revitalize skin.  Achieving a smooth, moist and radiant complexion has never been easier.

Manufactured in Japan, this mask is specifically formulated to target sagging, dehydrated and dull-looking skin. With a unique blend of hydrolyzed collagen, squalene, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, this intensive mask penetrates deeply into the skin to tone, hydrate and brighten the complexion.

What I think: This is a very hydrating mask.  I put it on a day that I wasn’t wearing makeup and it left my skin soft, but a little sticky at first. It took about an hour for the serum on the mask to really sink in.  I suggest use at night.

Available for purchase at


Taut Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula ($110 for 8 bottles) –Unique and powerful liquid collagen beauty formula from Japan to improve skin elasticity, firmness and hydration.  Each 1.7 fl oz contains the highest concentration – 13 grams – RDS* (Rapid Delivery System) premium Type(I) hydrolyzed marine collagen infused with anti-aging ingredients to restore your skin’s natural radiance and help reduce the signs of aging.

What I think:  I have recently taken my first bottle of this.  I took it at night and have been directed to take one a night for 8 nights.  The taste is a pleasant orange flavor.  If I do see results from this in a few weeks, I will report back.  This is also supposed to help with health and growth of hair and nails!

Available for purchase at


The Anti-Aging Skincare That I Have Been Using and Loving Lately!

My skin type is sensitive, combination and aging.  I like to try all different types of products to perfect my skin (not an easy thing to do).

Below is a bunch of great products that I have been sent to review and that I really like.  I have a lot to cover, so read on!

Bioré Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser

Bioré Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser ($7.99 USD) — This warming cleanser pampers skin as it whisks away buildup and oil. The powerful daily line of defense against clogged, congested pores contains Zeolite, a special mineral clay that warms on contact with water, and Salicylic acid, a powerful yet gentle ingredient that penetrates pores to help fight breakouts by dissolving clogged oil.

What I think:  I do have blackheads around and on my nose. So when I first tried this I squirted a little on my Clarisonic, then scrubbed around my nose area.  It really cleaned out those pores!  It does heat up quite a lot (my teen daughter equated it to stepping in a hot shower), so be aware.  But, it is a great pore cleaner.  I suggest to use it 2-3 times a week.

Available at mass market retailers near you.  Also, visit to learn more.

Intraceuticals Collagen Booster

Customise your skincare. Focus your results with our NEW Intraceuticals+ Boosters ($49 USD Each).  These are four powerful, targeted additives to use alone or combine with Daily Serum as revive, the first step in 3 step hyaluronic layering. The different boosters are:

Collagen + Booster — Restore, Tighten, Volume

Vitamin C+3 Booster — Smooth, Brighten, Strengthen

Antioxident + Booster — Detox, Revitalise, Balance

Vitamin A + Booster — Regenerate, Clarify, Refine

What I think:  These Boosters are great either with or without being mixed with a serum.  They are perfect when you have a targeted skin need.  I especially love the Collagen one to tighten my skin and the Vitamin C+3 one to brighten my skin tone.  Great skin treatments.  Purchase at

AVON ANEW CLINICAL Pro Line Eraser Treatment

Introducing Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser with patented A-F33 (Amino-Fill 33) ($39.99 USD)—the anti-aging breakthrough of the decade! A-F33 works unlike potent anti-agers AHA, retinol, injectable collagen. The look of deep wrinkles begin to fade in just one week. 100% of women showed visible improvement in fine wrinkles in 2 weeks. Over time, 27% improvement in the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles. Designed to work with any ANEW skin care regimen to help optimize results. TO USE: In AM and PM, apply to cleansed face and neck avoiding the eye area. Follow with ANEW moisturizer.

What I think: This is a wonderful — and affordable — anti-aging serum! I love how potent it is, but also it is quite gentle and soothing.  It is designed to work with ANEW skincare, but I have found it is working with all of the fab products that I have been using. I have notices that is smooths my skin and has helped even out the tone and the wrinkles around my eyes.  I have tried a LOT of expensive skincare and do believe that this is as good as any of the luxury serums I have tried.

Purchase at

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel ($16.99 USD). I received this free from BzzAgent to try ( to sign up!).  Apply Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel every night, and leave it on all night. Your skin will absorb the lightweight formula for almost immediate results:

  • Overnight: See smoother, hydrated skin
  • In 1 week: See brighter skin
  • In 4 weeks: Spots and imperfections are significantly reduced

Created with Garnier’s innovative Glycolic Vitamin C Complex, the leave-on peel gently speeds exfoliation to fade spots and reveal smoother, brighter and remarkably more even-toned skin.

What I think:  I like the ease of this affordable overnight peel.  Just smooth on clean skin and leave on overnight.  No rinsing needed.  It is a little irritating on my sensitive skin, so I don’t use it every night.  Just a couple of days a week.  I have noticed that my spots are a little lighter and I am sure they will improve the more I use it.

Available at mass market retailers near you and learn more at

Mineral Fusion Mattifying Oil Control Facial Moisturizer

Mattifying Oil Control Facial Moisturizer ($18 USD) — Lightweight moisturizer that helps control excess oil for a shine-free, matte finish while delivering skin perfecting, natural age-defense. Magnesium, Copper and Zinc stimulate skin cells’ production of energy, which encourages new cell creation for revitalized, younger-looking skin. These minerals also provide antioxidant defense against damaging free radicals.

Application of this clinically-tested, anti-wrinkle peptide promotes collagen production, which firms the skin by strengthening structural support within cells. Regular use results in visibly smoother, more supple skin. Free of gluten, parabens, SLS, phthalates, articial colors and synthetic fragrances. 100% vegetarian and never tested on animals.

What I think:  I like using this moisturizer in the morning because it is oil-free and keeps my skin matte and soft all day.  It also has a very nice scent.  I love that it includes minerals and is actually good for my skin!

You can purchase Mineral Fusion at

Freeze 24 7 Arctic Lift Firming Neck Cream

Freeze 24/7 Arctic Lift Firming Neck Cream ($95 USD) — Get high altitude for your neck with this luxuriously rich lifting cream that instantly hydrates, tightens and firms neck and chest area. ArcticLift™ smooths away imperfections and plumps up skin for a lifted, toned and youthful appearance. Formulated with Rejuvelle, a proprietary cactus pectin with amazing water binding properties, to immediately hydrate and fill sagging neck skin. Skin’s texture is perfected and strengthened, firmed and lifted.

What I think:  I have only been using this for about a week, but I love it!  With the first use, my skin felt firmer and every day I use it, my neck gets a little less saggy (the joys of aging)!  With regular use, this is so effective and a great product to have in my anti-aging arsenal!

Learn more and purchase at

Vitaphenol Skincare Collection

Getting to the root of wrinkles through an innovative and proprietary combination of high-potency natural antioxidants and medically-directed compounds, the Vitaphenol skin care line targets discerning women who are looking to avoid invasive cosmetic procedures.

“While it’s true that most women don’t enjoy the aging process, the key is to take good care of skin. Exclusive, potent and powerful Vitaphenol appeals to women who understand the power of phenomenal skin and are willing to do something about it. It’s a premium top-of-the-line brand for the type of woman who is committed to aging with beauty and who demands exceptional skin care that actually works,” said Tricia Buenvenida, VP/Brand Director at SciDerma Medical, the specialty cosmeceutical and dermatology company which holds the exclusive U.S. sub-license for the Vitaphenol skin care collection.

The formulation was created by a world-renown dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon using a mix of scientifically-advanced compounds with naturally effective anti-aging remedies in each of the products. At the heart of all the products is the Vitaphenol Complexä, a unique blend of four naturally-derived AHAs: white and green tea extracts, mangosteen, and pomegranate. When combined, they rejuvenate and protect the skin.

The Vitaphenol skincare collection consists of seven products, ranging from $45 for the Ultra Daily Gentle Cleanser and Anti-Aging Toner to $195 for the Cellustructure Rejuvenating Serum (CRS). Dermatologists have used CRS as the cornerstone of skincare for their patients. CRS features the recombinant growth factor, TGF-beta 1 (transforming growth factor), known to increase collagen synthesis, which restores the structural integrity of the skin and controls inflammation, and encourage elastin production for smooth, velvety skin.

CRS is supported by published clinical studies, with 58% of patients noticing an improvement in wrinkles, and 68% of patients noticing an improvement in skin texture after its use. The recommended Vitaphenol regimen consists of a using a 4-step/4-product system, and the product combinations differ according to dry, oily, normal, and acne-prone skin.

What I think: I have been testing the Ultra-Gentle Daily Cleanser ($45 USD), the Anti-Aging Toner ($45 USD), the Oil-Free Anti-Aging Serum ($95 USD), Cellustructure Rejuvenating Serum ($195 USD) and the Daily Fortified Moisturizer ($95 USD).

I am loving this system.  Especially the very gentle cleanser, the oil free serum and the moisturizer.  They are all so gentle on my skin.  I have only used the Cellustructure serum a few times as it irritates my skin a bit.  But the rest of the products are effective anti-aging skincare that work so well with my skin.  All I really need to use is an SPF on top of the daily moisturizer and I am good to go!  I am seeing younger-looking skin with this system!

Learn more and purchase at


Give The Gift Of Great Skin For The Holidays

This time of year you can find skincare sets to stock up for yourself or for others who would appreciate such a fab gift!  The products below are all anti-aging powerhouses!

Yes to Blueberries Brightening Bundle – Regularly $27.99 24.99 — Let the Yes To Blueberries Brightening Bundle perk up your face and help you fight the signs of aging at the same time.   The set includes the Daily Repairing Moisturizer and the Brightening Facial Towelettes. The  ‘Brightening Facial Towelettes’ are formulated with Blueberries and Coconuts to gently cleanse, remove makeup, and moisturize skin all in one. With Lemon Peel and Apple to help brighten skin. The Daily Repairing Moisturizer is a powerful, non-greasy, daily moisturizer formulated with organic cotton thistle, clinically proven to hydrate age damaged skin and boost natural collagen production in 7 days along with anti-oxidant rich blueberries which helps fight free radicals that can damage skin’s surface. Purchase at and mass market retailers.

H2O Aqualibrium Illuminating Bio-Boost System ($55 USD) — Powerfully refreshing waters are the brightening force behind a serum and mist system that revives dull skin with a healthy boost of radiance with watermint-enriched water, Vitamin C, and grapefruit extracts.  The mist is refreshing and the serum is silky — plus they both smell fantastic! Purchase at and Ulta.

Intraceuticals Holiday Hydration Special ($89 USD) Rejuvenate Hydration Gel Instantly hydrates, providing a reservoir of nutrients to the skin which visibly address the signs of ageing. Works synergistically with Rejuvenate Daily Serum, dramatically enhancing skin appearance.

Holiday Hydration Special includes

  • 1 Rejuvenate Hydration Gel $89 BONUS
  • 1 Hydrating Spritz $25
  • 1 Moisture Binding Cream 15mL $49
  • 1 Holiday Gift Bag

Total Retail Value – $163 You Save $75! Visit to learn more and purchase.

Avon Anew Ultimate Gift Set ($69)- Includes Night Cream (1.7 oz.), Day Cream (1.7 oz.), Body Cream (6.7 oz.), Day Cream (.5 oz.), and Night Cream (.5 oz.). The perfect gift for the Skin Care enthusiast who wants healthy, younger looking skin.  Purchase at Enjoy!