Grassroots Research Labs Triple Mushroom Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream

I try a lot of anti-aging skincare. I haven’t tried Grassroots Research Labs – or any skincare brand sold at Kohl’s – and didn’t know what to expect. I can say now that I have been using it for a few weeks, I love it! But before I explain why, check out the product info first:  
Triple Mushroom Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream WITH WILD GINSENG ROOT (regular $32.50, check sales) Known as the ‘elixir of life’, the mushroom has been revered in Eastern medicinal practices for centuries. Its ability to boost the body’s self-healing mechanisms is well documented in the history of ancient herbal tradition.
  • Now Grassroots Research Labs has applied the restorative powers of the mushroom to visibly reduce wrinkles. This intensely moisturizing cream blends a potent complex of three mushrooms with wild ginseng root for a highly effective anti-wrinkle formula.
  • Reishi and Hoelin mushrooms work to smooth the appearance of existing wrinkles while the Chaga mushroom helps prevent future lines and wrinkles from forming. This powerful mushroom trio rebuilds elastin to help reduce and repair existing lines and wrinkles. Skin immediately looks smoother and less aged, helping to recreate a less-lined, youthful skin surface over time. 
    • Skin aging leads to surface-level lines and wrinkles caused by biological deceleration at the cellular level, undermining skin’s natural structure and its moisture reserves. By boosting skin’s defenses, this appearance of premature skin aging can be reduced.
  • Benefits:
    • Immediately:
      • 96% of subjects reported softer and smoother skin.
      • 73% increase in moisturization.
    • After 4 weeks:
      • 33% measurable reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
    • Details
      • 1.7 oz.

This collection also includes an eye cream ($27.50 regular price) that I haven’t tried yet.

What I think: This is a light and airy cream that feels like a drink of moisture on my skin. I’m always afraid to use creams (instead of a lighter lotion) on my face in the summer, since my skin is oilier at this time of the year. This cream is not greasy or heavy and feels fantastic when I use it at night. I notice that my skin seems glowy and smoother right after I apply it. I don’t have tons of wrinkles, so I can’t say if it reduces wrinkles, but I can say that my skin looks better after I use it. 

You can learn more about this product and Grassroots Research Labs at Enjoy!