Soak Your Cares Away with SALONTEA

I love discovering unusual beauty products that are really fantastic. SALONTEA by Tracy Stern is a company that not only creates teas for drinking, but also creates teas to soak in! I have tried both the BATHTEA and the EYE TEA and have found them both very relaxing. 

EYE TEA($16.50 USD for 8) — The websites describes them as “eye pads designed to fit perfectly over your eyes are charged with a soothing blend of organic chamomile tea, angelica root, and witch hazel to bring fast relief to swollen, tired eyes.” To use these, you let them soak in cool or warm water for a minute then place them on your eyes. This feels wonderful and did de-puff my tired eyes. The scent is really soothing as well. 

BATHTEA ($16.50 for 3, $33.00 for 6)  “Homeothereapeutic bath infusions that combine the benefits of aromatherapy with the direct application of herbal nutrients to your skin to effectively relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia.” These are offered in three scents; Chai, Rose Petal and Vanilla. This is really a fun product. You let it steep in the bath and it’s kind of like you are soaking in a giant cup of tea! My favorite scent was the Chai; it smells a little spicy and exotic and it a good break from the kids (or whatever stresses you).

SALONTEA’s beauty line also includes tea-infused foot soaks, body lotions, body scrubs and lip balms. Visit their website at