Get Your Shine On With Metallic Makeup For Fall!

Metallic eyes and lips are very on trend this fall. And luckily, we can achieve the look without spending a ton!

I was sent these gorgeous metallic eye shadows, a lip topper and brushes for my honest review:

CATRICE Liquid Metal Eyeshadow
CATRICE Liquid Metal Eyeshadow ($5.99 USD each) — This highly pigmented powder, with a liquid metal finish, instantly creates stand-out eyes. Unique 3D embossment turns this eyeshadow into an absolute highlight.
What I think:  I love these, they are so pretty on.  I apply them with the wand  then blend with my finger.  They blend really well, but they dry quickly so I have to be careful!  Once they dry, they are only coming off when taken off!  The shades are so pretty on and can be built up for a really shimmery metallic look!
essence cosmetics The Metals Eyeshadows
essence cosmetics The Metals Eyeshadows ($3.99 USD each) — This new formula goes on smooth with serious color pay-off and a metallic shimmer. Available in 9 shades ranging from soft bronze to vibrant teal.
What I think:  These are metallic powder shadows in perfect shades for fall!  They apply well and blend out nicely.  I like using a brush for a softer look, but when I apply with my fingers, it’s full glamour!  And the price is hard to beat!  You can stock up with a few shades to make a complete eye look.
CATRICE Million Styles Lip Topcoat
CATRICE Million Styles Lip Topcoat ($5.99 USD each) — The creamy texture provides a shimmering finish, or covers the lips with silver-metallic particles. Simply apply over dried lipstick for an instant transformation – the effect is intensified with every coat.
What I think: This comes in two shades.  I have the shade on the left, Shade 20: Metallic, which is a silver shade.  There is also Shade 10: Highlight – for a iridescent finish.  The metallic one looks really cool alone (Halloween?) and very pretty over lipstick or lip gloss.  This is a really cool way to switch up your look.
MODA Metallics Custom Flip Kit

MODA Metallics Custom Flip Kit ($24.99 USD) — Start with MODA Brushes signature limited edition black studded Flip Kit and add 3 Finishing and Complexion brushes and 3 Eye, Brow and Lip brushes. You’ll be set to slay your weekend travel the Metallic way.

What I think:  I have been testing lots of MODA brushes and really like the quality.  They have soft synthetic bristles that blend really nicely.  The metallic collection is really gorgeous and there are lots so different brushes to choose from to customize your kit!

 Available at
Are you a fan of metallic beauty?  What products do you love?


Easily Clean and Dry Makeup Brushes With The Brush Bar and The Brush Board


Being a makeup lover, I have to make sure to keep my tools clean.  So when I was approached by The Brush Bar to review their brush cleaning and drying products, I was so excited!

So what are these products?

The Brush Bar – a smart tool that lets you dry your makeup brushes without damaging or misshaping them! Doubles as a organization tool – no more digging around for the right brush!

The Brush Board – the first makeup brush exfoliator that deep cleans between bristles for the quickest clean – no more scrubbing foundation brushes 10 times!

Above is The Brush Board.  It has three different scrubbing surfaces to clean all types of makeup brushes.  I wet my brush, then rubbed it across the board a few times.  I then rinse it and see if I need to scrub it again.  It’s a really fast (and a way less messy) way to cleanse my brushes!  When not in use, I wash and dry it and put it back in it’s protective case.

I love this!  It’s such a great idea and something I will use often to clean my brushes.

This is The Brush Bar hanging from the side of my sink. To use it, I just unfold the prongs and close it.  Then I place it on the side of my sink and hang my wet brushes upside down.

It held my brushes tightly. There are different sizes of the prongs, for smaller and larger brushes. My brushes fully dried in a couple of days without losing their shape.

I think that these are ingenious products that are also fun to use!  I highly recommend them.

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