Borba Advanced Aging Deep Wrinkle Repair SPF 45

Advanced Aging Deep Wrinkle Repair SPF 45
Advanced Aging Deep Wrinkle Repair SPF 45
Looking for a great day moisturizer? How about an effective sunscreen? An anti-aging wrinkle cream? Does your skin need a little glow? Yes? Me too!
Borba Advanced Aging Deep Wrinkle Repair SPF 45 ($55.00) will bring you all of these. Skeptical? I was too until I tried this great product. The Borba website describes it as, ” light day moisturizer with an SPF 45 and an amazing dry touch feel that will leave skin supremely moisturized, not white or ashy like other SPF facial moisturizers. This powerful crème reverses the most extreme signs of aging, addressing deep wrinkles, exacerbated loss of firmness, loss of radiance, severe dryness and sun damage.”
This product includes an advanced multi-layer liquid Crystal System that boost skin’s ability to hold and retain moisture  immediately and over time. Sepilift DPHP and Elastin Fiber stimulate natural anti-aging defenses in dermal layers and counteract skin-aging enzymes for a younger, more toned appearance. It also includes broad spectrum SPF 45 UVA, UVB and UVC sunscreens. Argan oil, glycerin and kojic acid are also included to hydrate and even out skin tone.  
This cream is white when you first apply it, but blends into skin beautifully. It its silky, not greasy and absorbs quickly for makeup application. I find that it does even out my skin tone and gives me a little glow. And it even smells nice!
I love not having to wear moisturizer, plus wrinkle cream, plus sunscreen. Having it all in one product is great for the summer because it doesn’t weigh down your skin or make it greasy.
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