Great Beauty Tips Using Ms. Manicure’s Fabulous Products

Ms. Manicure creates cool manicure and pedicure products that help nails look their best, but did you know that they also fix beauty blunders? Below please find tips on different ways to use these products.  

Don’t worry about hand washing your favorite sweaters anymore.  Solve your pilling problems with Ms. Pedicure’s Rock ‘n Sole ($1.99).  By rubbing this dry pumice stone over sweaters, the little fuzzies that cause so much distress will be gone.  Make sure to lay the clothing on a flat surface before gently stroking the fabric with the stone.  Keep the stone clean and dry for future use!

Scared your false eyelashes might fall off into your dinner plate a la the last date you went on?  Give them extra security by applying them with the tweezers from Ms. Manicure‘s Handy Dandy Mani kit ($9.99).  First, let lash glue sit for 30 to 60 seconds prior to using.  Then, pick up individual lashes with tweezers, dip the ends in glue and securely apply them to the base of the eyelid.  Make sure to coat them with mascara afterwards for extra protection!

Spill something on your new suede boots? You might not have to head for the shoe store for another pair just yet.  Grab an emery board, like Ms. Manicure ‘s Call Your Buff ($2.99), and lightly rub the stain.  Use the soft, buffer side of this four-sided board to ensure that your boots don’t get damaged in the process.  Then, hold the shoe over steam from a boiling pot (or teakettle) on the stove to completely remove it.  This works for suede clothing as well!
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