Skincare Sunday — BioXskincare Anti-Aging Face Cream

Hi all! I’m back with my second Skincare Sunday! I have started this series a couple of weeks ago.  I am going to post something skincare related on (most) Sundays. I’ll focus on a skincare review or my skincare routine…it will just depend on what I have been using.

I was sent the BioXskincare Anti-Aging Face Cream for my honest review.

BioXskincare Anti-Aging Face Cream
BioXskincare Anti-Aging Face Cream

BioXskincare Anti-Aging Face Cream ($129 USD) — The claim on this cream is:

“Smooths facial wrinkles and revitalizes your skin to enjoy a more radiant appearance. This patented Anti-Aging Cream includes our clinically tested BioXcellerant™ formulation with a precise blend of botanical growth factors and amino acids that stimulate collagen production to help rebuild facial skin cells. See exceptional results in just a few days.​”

“The BioXcellerator R&D team has traveled across the globe to select the most effective botanical ingredients — based on exacting standards for high quality and performance. Our patented BioXcellerant formulation takes advantage of pioneering bio-engineering innovations and nano-particle architecture so these ingredients can penetrate the outer layers of your skin. Then, activating your body’s own stem cells to revitalize and repair your skin —  BioXcellerant  promotes healing from within —  to create long-lasting and extraordinary results.”

What I think:  I have been testing this out for a few weeks.  I apply it at night after toner and serum.  I find when first applied, this cream smooths out my skin.  I have been focusing it on my forehead and my chin, where I have the most uneven skin texture. This does give those areas instant hydration and a more even texture.

I haven’t really noticed a lot of long term changes yet.  My forehead looks a little bit smoother. I will continue using it each night and will let you know if I see any significant changes.

What skincare have you been trying out lately?





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