Favorite New Skincare From N07 and Philosophy!

I have been testing new skincare, which I have been enjoying.  I have been using up some skincare from a project pan I have been doing, (I will be posting results soon), so I was ready for some new products!

The two products I have been loving are from N07 and Philosophy.  I have received them for my honest review. I have been using them for over a week.  Here is what I think:

No7 Early Defence GLOW ACTIVATING Serum
No7 Early Defence GLOW ACTIVATING Serum

No7 Early Defence GLOW ACTIVATING Serum ($24.99 1 oz) — This product claims to give glowy skin after 7 days of use. In one week, 87% of women saw a more radiant complexion. This clinically proven serum delivers:

  • Visibly brighter skin
  • Reduced appearance of pores
  • Smoother texture and improved clarity

No7 Early Defense GLOW ACTIVATING Serum, with Ginseng and Vitamin C boosts skin’s natural renewal process to clear and refine pores for a glowing complexion. This powerful formula also supports your skin’s natural defenses, calming skin¿s reactivity to stress and protecting by neutralizing damaging free radicals caused by the sun & pollution.

What I think: I have been using this twice a day for over seven days.  It is a white gel/cream and is unscented. It has almost a primer-like feel on the skin — it glides on and smooths out my skin tone.  I have noticed that my skin has been looking really nice every morning.  My skin tone is even and my pores look a little less noticeable.  And I do have a glow! I will continue to use this and see if my skin continues to improve.  I do recommend it if your skin needs a bit of a glow.
Available at Ulta stores
Philosophy purity made simple ultra-light moisturizer
Philosophy Purity Made Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer ($25 4.7 fl. oz.) — I was excited when I saw this new moisturizer, because I love Purity Made Simple cleanser. It is an   ultra-lightweight formula that claims to leave skin looking dewy and smooth with less-visible pores—pure and restored to its ideal state. learn more! More claims are:

Clinically proven to keep skin hydrated for 24 hours                                                    Immediately feels like a reset for your skin                                                                                  In just 3 days, see makeup-optional skin                                                                                       In 7 days, skin looks young and healthy like the skin you were born with!

What I think: This has the soft lavender scent of the cleanser, which I love! It is very light and absorbs into the skin very quickly.  I have been using it over my N07 serum at night (I use an SPF day cream).  I don’t like to use heavy night creams at the moment, as I am hot all the time (my own personal summer).  This is perfect as it does hydrate without weighing down my skin. I think this will be amazing in the summer when I need moisture without using any heavy creams.

Available at http://www.philosophy.com

Have you tried either of these products?  Let me know what you think!



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