BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review — March 2018


I have been anxiously awaiting my March 2018 BoxyCharm!  I received it a few days  ago and am excited to share it with you.  I really like this subscription.  You get a lot of makeup for a great price!

Boxycharm is just $21 a month for 5-6 beauty items, most of them full-sized.

Here’s what I got this month:



This Pretty Vulgar blush is in the shade Hush Blush.  The description is Rose, but it is looks like a neutral, peachy pink to me.  Sorry about the photos!  The top one looks darker, I think it was just the light in my office.  Here’s a swatch:


This blush is really pigmented! Plus there is a lot in the pan, .2 oz/ 6 g.  There was another variant shade, Prim Vixen, that is a bright pink.  I was hoping to get that shade, but this is pretty. I might give it a try and if I don’t like it, I’ll pass it on!  The packaging is beautiful, though!


IMG_0603.JPGStunning! This was the item I was most excited to receive.  I love eye shadows and I love PUR Cosmetics.  So, win win!  I will be doing a review with swatches in the near future (I still have the palette from my January Boxy to review, as well as a couple other palettes).

I have worn this a couple of time and am really loving the pigmentation and shades so far.

IMG_0605.JPG This is such a cute eye shadow brush set!  The bristles are pretty soft and the handles are wood, which is a nice touch!  I am going to hold on to these and use them when I need a change in my brushes.  Or give them to someone who needs them.



I love trying new mascara!  I was excited to try this one.  I love the shape of the brush and butter LONDON’s products are usually good quality.  I have tried this twice, and unfortunately, it flakes on me!  The first day was taking my daughter to the anime festival last weekend.  When I got home, my mascara was flaked under my eyes and on my cheeks pretty badly.  I wasn’t sure if I had rubbed my eyes (because teenage girls and anime), so I wore it again today.  I’ve only worn it a few hours and there are a few flakes under my eyes.  I wonder if other people have had this problem?


These are an interesting item that was included!  I’ve read the back of the box, and it looks like this is a treatment.  You apply it under the eye and leave them on for 30 minutes.  And for best results, use for three consecutive days.  There are three in the box, so I wonder if after the three days, my under eyes will look 10 years younger??? I can dream, right!

I think I will start these on Thursday or Friday and see what happens!

So this month’s BoxyCharm is one of my favorite yet!  The eye shadow palette is worth the price to me. The blush packaging is so gorgeous and it is highly pigmented.  It might be a great summer blush for me once I get a bit of a (faux) tan.  The brushes will be used or happily gifted.  The mascara may be a no go, though.  Which is too bad.  And I’m going to give the eye gels a whirl.

Next month, the spoiler is that every box gets a ColourPop eye shadow palette!  You all know how I love my ColourPop.  I hope I get one I don’t have, but if I do, I’ll gift it to a good home!

What did you get in your BoxyCharm this month?  You can subscribe here if you are interested in receiving an amazing box full of makeup!


3 thoughts on “BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review — March 2018”

  1. They absolutely killed it this month. I think they were started to piss some people off with the last few boxes and are extra super trying harder lol. I’m wearing almost all of this right now and I’m sad to hear about your experience with the mascara, makes me not want to try it :/

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