Pamper Your Hair and Skin With Derma E

I recently received a wonderful box of pampering products from Derma E for my honest review.

I received Derma E Organic Argan Oil Blend and 3-in-1 Hair Protection Serum.

The Derma E Organic Argan Oil Blend ($15.50 USD) is 98 percent argan Oil, 1.5. percent Kukui seed oil and .5 percent Jojoba oil.

It is fragrance free. It is very hydrating and works well on my skin and hair. I like applying it to the ends of my hair. My hair is really dry right now and it makes it more manageable. I also like using it on my elbows and legs, and any other dry skin I have.

Derma E 3-in-1 Hair Protection Serum ($10.99 USD) works so well on my damaged hair. I apply it when my hair is damp, and also when is dry. It can be used before drying or as a finishing serum. For perfect hair I do it both ways. I think this an affordable way to get really shiny and manageable hair. I’ll be great on my frizzy hair in the summertime too.

Purchase these product and more at

Have you tried Derma E?

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