Project Pan 2018 Skincare — First Update

This is my first update on my 2018 Project Pan!  I have so much skincare in my stash, that I decided to focus on it for the first quarter of the year.I figured if I set a goal, I can use up some of my skincare and make room for more!  And, by making a point to use my skincare each day, my skin has been looking much better!

Here is the original products in my project pan:


These are my original 10 products.  You read what they are in my beginning post here.


These are the products that I used up.  You can see there is a new one, the Ofra Peptide Silk-C Serum.  I included it once I finished the YourGoodSkin and the NeoCutis serums.  But I used it up, too!

IMG_0278These are the current products that I’m trying to pan.  The five products on the left are the ones I have been using since the beginning of January.  I’ve made good progress on them.  The spray is almost empty, and they others have much less product in them.

*I just realized that my Purity Made Simple face wash is missing from this photo.  LOL!  It’s in my shower.  I am still working on it and hope to have it panned soon.

The four products on the right are new to the pan:



They are: Pur Blue Agave Mask, NeoCutis Micro Night Riche Rejuvenating Balm, Manuka Doctor Face Oil 24K Gold and Jane Iredale D2O Hyrdration Spray.  I’d say everything is about half used up, but the spray has only been used a couple of times.  I’ve included a mask that I loved when I got it last year, but I forgot about it.  It’s really fun to use, it dries down blue on the face and peels off.

I was going to continue my pan until the end of March, but I think my products all may be used up by the end of February. I will do an update at that time and we will see! It does feel really good to get rid of some of my vast array of skincare!

I am already planning the next pan.  I’m going to include at least one hair styling product and maybe a foundation and concealer.  I really have not used any powder makeup so that it’s even close to be panned (I have so much), but who knows, maybe a finishing powder will be in the mix!

Are you doing any project pan’s this year?  Leave a comment and let me know!

4 thoughts on “Project Pan 2018 Skincare — First Update”

  1. I LOVE the idea of project pan, and have been trying to do similar with my body lotions and potions stash. Its amazing how much we get isnt it! Im sure you are the same, but there is something very satisfying about using up a product isnt there. Great post, good luck with it xx

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