Project Pan 2018 — Skincare

Welcome to my first Project Pan!  I’ve decided to focus on skincare, since I haven’t been great about removing makeup and using my skincare at night.  So, I figured if I set a goal, I can use up some of my skincare and make room for more!  Plus my skin will look better, too.

I went through my skincare basket, where I had about 30 products (!) Here are the products I’m trying to use up:


I’ve chosen a variety of 10 products.  They are all about half full, so I should be able to get through them in 3 months.  By the end of March, these should all be empty.  I do receive lots of skincare to try, so hopefully I won’t get sidetracked too much by new items!


These are my smaller size products that I have been working on for a while.  They are all about half used, except for the Josie Maran Light Argan Oil and the Mailin + Goetz Revitalizing eye cream.  They both have about a third of the product left, but I have been working on the eye cream for months and I totally forgot about the argan oil!  Time to use them up.

The other products are Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser, L’Occitane Immortelle Essential Water and Prai Ageless Eye Tight Uplift Serum.  I’m pretty sure all of these will be used up in 3 months.


These full sized products are all at least half full, if not more.  These will take the longest to use.

The first two are the luxe Neocutis Micro Serum which I always forget I have and the Micro Firm Neck cream.  I always forget about the serum and think I have only used it a few times.  I use the neck cream a few times a week, but I want to use it twice a day.

The next two are from the more affordable YourGoodSkin line.  They are the Balancing Skin Concentrate which I have used quite a bit and the SPF 30 Day Cream which I try to use every day.  I think I can use these up in a month or two!

Last is the Dear by Renee Youth Soothing Creme.  This is a good size bottle at 1.7 oz  and is fairly full so it may take a while to use.  I usually only use it at night, so I might have to double up on some of these!  My skin should look amazing when I’m all done.

If this works well, I’ll do a second one starting in April and maybe include some makeup.  I have a LOT of makeup and haven’t seen pan on any of them, so we’ll see.  I also have a lot of new eye shadow palettes that I need to review and start wearing more.  I usually just go into the office on Thursdays, so I don’t wear makeup a lot.  I guess I’m saying that wearing more makeup is a New Year’s Resolution. LOL!

Have you done a Project Pan before?  How did it go?

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