Colourpop Haul — Featuring the Yes, Please! Palette!!!

I did some Colourpop shopping a few weeks ago.  I’ve been wanting to try their pressed shadows and since I got an email saying that the Yes, Please! palette was back in stock, I went for it!

Here’s a better look at everything I purchased:

Besides Yes, Please!, I got a buy 2 get one free liquid lip colour sale. I bought one satin lip, one regular glossy, and one metallic glossy.  I also purchased a Supershock shadow to bring my total up to $30 for free shipping.

And, lucky for me, Colourpop was also having a grab bag giveaway for their 5 million Instagram followers.  I got to choose 2 out of 5 free products that were made just for the event!


Right now (Sept 22nd), Yes, Please! is restocked — so go purchase it if you’d like! It’s $16 USD.

I was really surprised how small the palette is. It can fit in my hand!  But that’s fine, it still gives lots of color choices and it is enough product for me.

The colors are:

Full-Zip: matte warm ivory
Big Cocktails: matte orange
Champs: matte pale peachy nude
Bling: metallic rust
Louie: metallic duochrome red with a gold flip
Butter Cake: metallic pale yellow gold
Spoiled: matte brick red
Gno: matte burnt orange
Mischief: matte warm yellow
Note to Self: matte warm caramel
Chauffeur: metallic duochrome bright orange with a gold flip
French Kiss: matte deep red brown

The colors swatched so easily!  The mattes are very buttery.  Which is great, because chalky mattes really bug me.  As someone who’s older, a chalky eye is not great, it emphasizes wrinkles.

Since this was the first time I tried Colourpop’s pressed shadows, I didn’t know what to expect.  I am really happy with the pigmentation and formula.  They are really pretty on, too!

The Lip Colors I got are Aquarius Ultra Glossy, a soft pinky nude in a crème finish, My Jam Ultra Glossy, a golden nude metallic and 951 Ultra Satin, a mid-tone warm nude.  Ultra Satin is my favorite Coulourpop finish, but I hadn’t tried Ultra Glossies yet, so I thought I would pick a couple up!

I purchased the Super Shock Shadow in Reversible, a satin goldy beige.  Next to it is Party of Five Super Shock Shadow, a pale rose gold with pink shimmer and Super Shock Highlighter in High Five, a mauve with a golden shift. Those I received free in Colourpop’s 5 million instagram followers giveaway.  There were 5 items to choose from.  I qualified to receive two.  The rest were lip colors, but I wanted to try something different (I have lots of Colourpop lips)!

Here are the swatches of the lips, blush and eyes.  Left to right is 951, My Jam, Aquarius, High Five, Party of Five and Reversible.

951 is perfect for Fall.  It’s a bit dark for me, but I think it will be great for going out.  My Jam is so pretty on!  It’s subtle for a metallic and the color is very autumnal.  I think it will look amazing over 951!

High Five is so pretty, but I almost think of it as a blush, more than a highlighter. I usually wear more neutral highlighters, but it is very pretty and sparkly.  Both Party of Five and Reversible will look great this Fall.  I’m going to try to get my 17 year old to wear Party of Five to her boyfriend’s homecoming tomorrow.  It would match her dress really well, but she isn’t that into makeup (I know!)

I think I got quite a haul for a little over $30!  I usually love to shop Colourpop when they have great deals and free gifts.  They are so affordable anyway, this is even better.

Do you like Colourpop?  What have you purchased from them lately?






11 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul — Featuring the Yes, Please! Palette!!!”

  1. All of that for $30?! That’s awesome! I have a few Colourpop items but they came in beauty boxes. I’d love to try their shadows, though! Great stuff! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. I just bought this Palette and I think I love you as well as the Concealer and a lot of Pressed shadows. I’ve been waiting for this Palette to be restocked before I made an order so I didn’t have to pay the shipping on 1 palette. I’m a bit disappointed I missed out on Fem Rosa though.

      1. I’m hoping by the time my order gets here (Colourpop usually takes 4-6 weeks) I’ll be finished with assessments so I can concentrate on my blog again and it will definitely feature.

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