My Beauty Favorites — Week of December 5-11, 2016

How is your holiday season going?  We got our tree up today and it looks great!  A Noble Fir which is my favorite.

This week I have been loving gorgeous eyeshadow sticks, a skin firming device and an all natural skincare line:

Merle Norman Shadow Sticks
Merle Norman Shadow Sticks

Merle Norman Shadow Sticks ($18 USD) — The fun, easy-to-use stick is crease-resistant and designed for versatility. They’re perfect to use as your main shadow, a base or even a liner with a buildable formula designed to go from sheer to full-on color. They even have a special key ingredient, microspheres, which impart a silky texture while absorbing oil to keep lids sebum free.

No matter what color is trending this season from matte to shimmer, you’ll find what you need in Merle Norman Shadow Sticks. Available in a full spectrum of shades that range from luminous to matte: Glow, Fortune, Luna, Mystic, Bronze Age, Preppy, Stone, Watercolor, Toast and Almond Cookie.

What I think:  I have tried a lot of shadows sticks in my blogging career, but they aren’t my go to form of eye shadow usually.  I have to say  really liked these and plan to use them lots!  I have Mystic, a shimmery wine, Stone, a gorgeous greige and Watercolor, a soft matte blue.  They are all pretty, but Stone is one I can use every day as an allover lid shade.  The other two are very nice accent colors.  This stay for hours and look fresh.

Available at

Two great products to help with tech neck are Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System ($249 USD), and Conture’s NEW Kinetic Firm Neck Cream ($65 USD).  These are  the secret weapons to fighting “tech neck” for a tightened, smoother, fresher décolletage.

The Kinetic Skin Toning action of the Conture is designed to specifically address deficiencies in skin firmness and elasticity as well as overall sagging of the neck area. In a 8-week clinical study in which women used their Conture Device and the Kinetic Firm Neck Crème, participants found an 81 percent improvement in the lifting of their skin.

What I think:  I have tried the Conture device before.  It is so easy to use and helps tighten skin in just a few weeks.  The Firm Neck Cream is a great addition to the system.  It is extra insurance for a firm neck!

Available at

Z Skin
Z Skin

Z Skin — I have been trying products from their Age Defying line.  You can purchase the line with these products in it for $144:

    • Face Lift Wash
    • Face Lift Lotion
    • Neck Firming Cream
    • Daytime Eye Cream [Zz Eye]
    • Nighttime Eye Cream
    • Banish; Dark Spots And Scars
    • Extreme Moisturizer
    • Retinique

  The line is very natural and uses a combination of herbs and oils.  It claims to reduce the signs of aging.

What I think:  I find the scents of these products very strong, maybe too medicinal for me, but they have been hydrating my skin and making it very soft and smooth.  The Face Lift lotion is one of my favorites, it is a great day lotion.

Available at


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