Get And Keep A Gorgeous Summer Glow!

I love self-tanning in the summer.  It is so hot here that I rarely go outside, unless it’s to a water park, where I proceed to get burned!  Self-tanning is really the only way I can get some color on my pale skin!

I try many kinds and they can be tricky to use.  Gradual tanners are nice, because it is easier to get an even coverage.  Darker, one time tanners are great to give color in a day, but if you are not careful, they streak or (I) have patches without color or with too much!

One of my favorite self-tanning tips is to exfoliate before tanning. Plus, I apply lotion to my feet and knees kind of as a buffer between the color.  That way they do not end up too dark.

Below are some of the ones I have been testing this summer (I will be reviewing more later!):

Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self Tanning Face Oil
Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self Tanning Face Oil

Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self Tanning Face Oil ($42 USD) — Natural DHA provides a radiant bronzed glow while Josie Maran Blueberry Argan Extract, coconut water, black tea extract, aloe vera,
and chicory root work together to nurture, hydrate, and soothe skin while improving clarity and skin barrier function. Apply 4-6 drops to clean, dry skin. Massage and blend evenly over face and neck. Wash hands after use and allow product to dry before applying makeup. This hydrating concentrate can be used in place of your traditional moisturizer. After 8 hours, your skin and soul will be glowing and golden.

What I think: I am using this right now, hoping it will develop well overnight!  It has a nice scent, sweet and almost like vanilla or chocolate.  The oil is dark and thin, but it only took a few drops to cover my face.  I also applied it to my neck, chest and arms to see what it would do.  It gives an instant glow and a bit of natural color.  I love that it also has skincare benefits!

Purchase at

Hampton Sun's Sunless Tanning Gel
Hampton Sun’s Sunless Tanning Gel

Hampton Sun’s Sunless Tanning Gel ($36 USD) — Using natural ingredients including Walnut Extract, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile, the gel leaves the skin incredibly smooth and moisturized, with no harsh chemical scent or sticky film. Want an even darker tan? Simply apply two coats to achieve a deeper glow. The long-lasting formula dries quickly and once tanned, the advanced formula fades down evenly. Hampton Sun’s Sunless Tanning Gel is oil-free, dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic so it’s perfect for all skin types and is safe to apply to your face, as well. Apply two to three times a week to ensure that your tan is maintained.

What I think: This has a fresh, soft floral scent that is so nice when applying it! I love the light feel to it and it sinks in quickly.  My skin is soft and not sticky after I apply it!  It is clear, so I have to be careful to apply it evenly.  It gave me a medium golden tan.  I love the color!  Next time I’m going to try two coats to get a darker shade.

Purchase at

Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Instant Tanning Mousse
Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Instant Tanning Mousse

Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Instant Tanning Mousse ($13.99 USD) — New from the self-tanning experts at Sally Hansen: AIRBRUSH SUN® Instant Tanning Mousse, a light, velvety mousse that dries in a minute to deliver an immediate natural sun kissed look.  Build to a tanned look in just one hour. The mousse, with fast-acting technology glides on smooth and quickly absorbs into skin providing an even, fast, and flawless color that develops in an hour into a tan that lasts up to seven days.  Perfect for any season, Sally Hansen: AIRBRUSH SUN® Instant Tanning Mousse is formulated with exclusive coconut water extract and provides a seamless tan leaving the skin smooth. This mousse is transfer-resistant and streak-free without the self-tanner odor.  Look flawless and get the perfect glow in minutes!

Sally Hansen AIRBRUSH SUN® Instant Tanning Mousse is available in 2 shades: 01 Medium & 02 Dark

What I think:  I received a sample of the Dark to test.  I applied it with an extra pair of latex hair coloring gloves I have.  It’s a good way to apply when you don’t have a mitt.  I applied a little at a time, but it doesn’t really spread around, so try to apply it quickly and rub it in.  The mousse has color, so I could tell where I was applying and got an even application.  My skin was pretty pale, so when it developed, it is a very dark color.  It took a little to get used to it!  This is affordable and really works! Maybe get medium if you are very pale!

Purchase at mass market retailers near you.


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