Fun Summer Fragrances Keep You Fresh Through The Heat!

I love trying new fragrances each season.  In the summer, I love fresh, fruity and spicy scents — and there are so many to choose from!

Below are my new favorites, maybe you’ll find one you love, too!

Katy Perry’s Mad Love
Katy Perry’s Mad Love

Katy Perry’s Mad Love ($29.98 1 fl. oz.) is a playful and fruity fragrance that opens with the succulence of Lady Apple Sorbet and Mara Strawberry blended to perfection with freshness of delicious Pink Grapefruit. Middle notes of Peony Petals, smooth Sun-Kissed Jasmine, and the hypnotic pull of the Bleeding Heart flower captivate the senses. Indulgent warmth builds in the background with the allure of Coconut Wood, Skin Musk, and ever so sensual Sandalwood.

Purchase at

Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder
Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder

Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder  ($49.99 1.7 fl. oz.) — Soft, sensual and warm to the touch – Sensuous Nude is a fragrance that is for every women. The notes include grapefruit, lavender, sandalwood, orange, cedar and sage.

Available at

Versace Crystal Noir by Gianni Versace
Versace Crystal Noir by Gianni Versace

Versace Crystal Noir by Gianni Versace ($50.99, 1.7 fl. oz.)

A rare and mysterious fragrance that is filled with the essence of fresh and creamy notes of amber, gardenia, coconut water, black currant, black fig, and violet.

Available at

Carthusia Mediterraneo
Carthusia Mediterraneo

Carthusia Mediterraneo ($80 1.7 fl. oz.) — Dedicated to the cradle of all the great civilizations of Europe, Africa and Asia, Mediterraneo is a solar fragrance, original yet versatile, which blends the classical pristine freshness of lemon leaves with the youthful and sparkling tones of green tea.


Top: Wild Mint, Sicilian Lemon, Aromatic Litsea, Chinese Eucalyptus,

Spanish Red Thyme Bergamot, Calabrian Bergamot

Middle: Egyptian Jasmine, Guatemalan Cardamom, Wildflowers,

Sicilian Mandarin

Base: White Musk

Price: $140, 50ml

Available at

What fragrances are you loving now? Leave a comment and let me know!

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