Brand Review — Ramy Beauty Therapy

I love discovering new brands and reviewing cool products!

This week, I have been loving products from Ramy Beauty Therapy.  It was created by makeup artist Ramy.  His philosophy is simple: “Minimum makeup, Maximum impact!” Meaning, if you select the correct color palette to enhance your features and apply it correctly, you can look younger and more beautiful with a minimum of products and effort.

I was sent the following products for my honest review:

Ramy Beauty Brow Master Complete Kit
Ramy Beauty Brow Master Complete Kit

Ramy Beauty The Brow Master Kit ($49.99 USD) — contains both the Brow Master Stencils and the Arch Angel Color Transforming Brow Gel! Everything you need to be your own eyebrow guru!

The Brow Master: No more cookie cutter eyebrows! Ramy’s patent-pending, trademarked invention will revolutionize how we shape our brows. Now everyone can be an eyebrow expert! The Brow Master insert moves up, down, left and right to customize the thickness, length and width of your brows. Each Set contains the Brow Master and 3 inserts (Full, Medium and Soft Arch)

Arch Angel Color Transforming Brow Gel goes on white, then changes color when you brush through it to match your hair color! This universally flattering neutral is perfect for use with the Brow Master Customizable Stencils or on it’s own. The Arch Angel fills in your brows with the perfect shade and holds brows in place until you remove it. Apply with the included angled brush, then brush through. Color transforms instantly and will adjust after a few minutes to become your perfect shade!

The stencils are great for those who need a shape to their brows.  My brows are fairly defined, I just tweeze a little to keep them neat.  The Arch Angel is great for keeping brows in the shape you want them to be and filling in color.  It worked on my dark brown brows and didn’t make me look too made up.  I haven’t used anything like this before and think it is a cool idea.  And the little pot of product will last a long time.

Ramy Beauty Therapy Perfect Eye Wand Liner & Shadow
Ramy Beauty Therapy Perfect Eye Wand Liner & Shadow

The Perfect Eye Wand ($24 USD) takes easy eye make-up to the next level by combining an eye liner and shadow in one easy-to-use wand. The eyeliner shade? PERFECT! Not black, not brown, but the ultimate, neutral mahogany color. The Shadow end is a taupey grey neutral – Two eye products, One Perfect Wand that truly compliments any skin tone. Create a sexy smoky eye, or create the perfect subtle day look.

Ramy Tip: For daytime, apply liner to upper lashline only and shadow on crease of eye to define your eyes without looking overly made up. For evening: INSTANT Smokey Eye! Apply liner to upper and lower lashlines and apply shadow to entire eye lid and over liner on lower lashline for the fastest smoky eye Ever!

I like to do the daytime look.  I actually take a light-colored shadow and brush over my whole eyelid.  Then I line my eyes with the liner and apply the shadow in the crease.  The look is pretty amazing!  The liner is very dark, but not black and the shadow smudges really well to create the perfect shade.  So pretty!

Ramy Beauty Therapy Alive! Blush
Ramy Beauty Therapy Alive! Blush

Ramy Beauty Therapy Alive! Blush ($19 USD) — One of a kind, long-wearing color. Micronized and silicone treated for extremely smooth application. This blush literally seems to bring skin to life with its perfect blend of pink, gold and brown color. Great for sweeping over eyes to really make eye color pop! A great alternative for women who are not inclined to wear eyeshadows. Simply sweep over eyes with blush brush for a finished, polished look.

This is such a pretty, neutral color!  It works great on the eyelids with the eyeliner above.  Plus, it makes such a natural-looking blush.  Just enough color and shimmer to define the cheeks.  I like using softer colors for spring and summer and this is perfect!

Purchase these multi-tasking products and more at

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