Travel Beauty Essentials That Will Help You Achieve a Stylish Getaway!

Summer time is travel time!  Are you taking any trips this summer?  My family and I are leaving for a camping trip to Yellowstone tomorrow.  I’m so excited, but I definitely need to pack some beauty products — I’m not totally into roughing it!

Below are my picks for travel — some items can even go on a plane if you are lucky enough to be flying off to paradise.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care Travel Kit
Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care Travel Kit

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care Travel Kit ($55 USD) — The Travel Kit contains the following products:

Day Crème 7ml
Night Crème 7ml
Eye Crème 3.5ml
Purifying Facial Cleanser 30ml
Nourishing Treatment Oil 30ml
Soothing Gel 30ml
Herbal Toner 30ml
1 Mask
This Travel Kit with daily use will last anywhere from 7 to 12 days. Our products do not contain water and are quite concentrated. For instance, after using one of the crèmes, the skin should not be shiny; this is an indication that you have used too much. A rosy dewy blush is the desired result.

What I think:  I have just started using these products and are taking them with my on my trip.  They have a wonderful herbal aroma and are very light on.  I especially love the eye cream and herbal toner.  I am looking forward to using them all on my trip and see how my skin looks when I finish.

Available at

Sphinx Travel Razor
Sphinx Travel Razor

Sphinx Travel Razor ($14.99 USD) — provides a convenient and effective shaving experience to achieve silky smooth skin on-to-go. The first of its kind, Sphynx combines beauty, innovation and design with the introduction of the Sphynx Razor, a 3-in-1 travel shaver, containing a refillable water cartridge, moisturizing soap bar, and a luxe razor blade for shaving anytime, anywhere!

What I think:  This is such a cool product!  It is your soap, water and razor in one.  It is very easy to use and gives a fairly close shave.  It is perfect to take camping or on a long road trip.

Available at

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion
Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion ($30 USD) — This ultra-hydrating lotion formula is gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin types, and creates a natural-looking tan that fades after four to seven days. Certified organic botanicals and a moisture locking system nourish the skin and give 72-hour hydration while Odour Remove™ technology ensures no smell whatsoever.

What I think:  This is a perfect travel multitasker — moisturizer and self tanner.  I apply it every day and in a few days I have a really nice tan without streaks.  It doesn’t smell, which is a big plus.  I apply it with a tanning mitt so that it doesn’t stain my hands.  After about a minute, I can put my clothes on and go about my day!

Available at

London SOHO New York Disney Belle Organizer ($9.99 USD) — The wide, zip-top design holds everything you need to stay organized at home or on-the-go.  Made of smooth satin with metallic filigree details and an easy-to-wipe lining, this collection blends the romance of Beauty and the Beast with functional design to make your fairy tale dreams come true!

London SOHO New York Disney Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set (3-Piece) ($12.99 USD) — Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes.

Flat Angled Liner Brush:  Create a flawless line by applying liner close to the lash line.  Gradually thicken line as it extends to the outer corner of your eye.  Can be used with powder, gel or cream liner.

Medium Smokey Fluff Brush:  The perfect size and shape to create a flawless smokey look with your favorite shadow.  Create depth and detail by tapping pigment onto eyelids.

Large Smokey Fluff Brush:  Soft fluffy bristles allow shadow to glide across eyelids, blending and softly diffusing shadow.  Use in gentle sweeping back and forth motion to blend edges, creating an airbrush effect.

What I think:  The Belle products are so pretty and really fun.  The bag is well made and perfect for travel.  The brushes are good quality and so affordable!  These products are perfect for ladies of all ages, but would make a great gift to a young lady just starting out wearing makeup.

Available at

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