Innovative New Skincare To Improve Your Complexion This Spring

In the summer, it gets so hot in Kansas City that I don’t wear a lot of makeup.  Because of this, I like my skincare to be in tip-top shape by summer.

I have been using the luxe skincare products below for a couple of weeks and my skin looks better than it has in a while! With all of these products, my pores are looking much smaller, my skin is clear and has an even tone, it is so soft and my little wrinkles are almost gone.  These products may be a bit costly, but they are worth it!

Babor Reversive Anti-Aging Cream Rich
Babor Reversive Anti-Aging Cream Rich

Babor Reversive Anti-Aging Cream Rich ($185 50ml) — ReVersive is unique, as it contains a high-performance formula with four active ingredients that interact in perfect synergy. Designed as a complete anti-aging system, ReVersive restores youthful radiance and luminosity, leaving the complexion looking firmer and smoother with a beautifully even appearance. This slightly richer, soft-textured cream is ideal for dry skin, and can also be used as night cream to pamper the skin.

What I think: This is a rich cream that is not greasy at all!  It absorbs into the skin leaving it so soft.  I love using this at night over a potent serum to lock in moisture and make skin smooth and hydrated by morning.

Available in the world’s finest spas and at

Intraceuticals Opulence Collection
Intraceuticals Opulence Collection

Intraceuticals The Opulence Collection provides powerful ingredients to dually target existing hyperpigmentation and prevent the formation of future spots, all while keeping the overall health of the skin in mind. Vitamin A gently promotes cell turnover and natural exfoliation to diminish the appearance of dark stops. Vitamin C works alongside Vitamin A to promote brightening benefits, while also providing super antioxidant benefits. Nonapeptide-1, the latest and greatest tyrosinase inhibitor available, assists in the long term defense of unwanted discoloration and control of brown spots and overall skin tone. All this while 3 layers of hyaluronic acid visibly hydrate and plump the skin for a healthier, more youthful appearance.

The new Intraceuticals Opulence collection, which includes the Opulence Daily Serum ($149 USD), sulfate free Brightening Cleanser ($49 USD), Hydration Gel ($89 USD), Moisture Binding Cream ($69 USD) and Brightening Wand ($49 USD) are available now at

What I think: I do have some brown spots on my face and so I was excited to try this line!  My favorite products are the Hydration Gel and the Brightening Wand, because they both are such unique products.  I use the Hydration Gel after serum and it really helps hydrate and even out my skin tone.  I have been using the Brightening Wand on brown spots and have seen a bit of a lightening effect, which I hope will lighten even more as I continue using it.

Nassif MD Bio-Bundle Clock AM, Clock PM and Dawn to Dusk
Nassif MD Bio-Bundle Clock AM, Clock PM and Dawn to Dusk

Nassif MD Bio-Bundle Clock AM, Clock PM & Dawn to Dusk ($225 USD) — You can either purchase these three products separately or in a bundle.  They are:

Clock AM Day Serum ($95 USD) synchronizes with the skin’s daytime biorhythms and defends the skin from environmental assault, including the newest types of UV radiation (cell phones, tablets and laptops) known as HEV (High Energy Visible) light. The key benefits of Clock AM include shielding the skin against hidden causes of premature aging, elasticity loss and wrinkles. It noticeably boosts skin hydration as well as helps firm the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Clock PM Night Serum ($95 USD) is full of beneficial mega-complexes for the rejuvenation, detoxification and recovery of skin during our rest phase. In only a few hours, liposome-delivered Roxisomes™ dive deep to help support the skin’s natural repair of damage from oxygen free radicals that occurs during the day. When combined with the nighttime biorhythm’s reparative mode, the skin is genuinely restored to preserve its youthful glow. The hero ingredient Astaxanthin acts as a potent antioxidant bolstering cellular resistance to environmental toxins. Matrixyl Synthe-6, a fortifying peptide, helps stimulate collagen production, contributing to firm, smooth skin. During sleep, recovering cells and the epidermal matrix are infused with essential sustenance for skin regeneration, restoration and renewal.

Dawn To Dusk Exfoliating Cleaner ($35 USD) is the perfect start to our skincare system.  The jojoba and ivory palm seed spheres instantly rid the skin of dead cells and surface impurities, revealing a glowing and radiant skin that’s primed for intense nourishment and treatment. The main ingredients are Ivory Palm Seed, Jojoba, Pomegranate, Panethenol and Allantoin.

What I think:  I have been using these three products for a couple of weeks and I love them.  The cleanser is extremely gentle, and makes my skin so soft and clean without irritating it at all.  Both serums instantly smooth and soften my skin.

Learn more and purchase at

Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels ($50 USD) — When time isn’t on your side FlashPatch™ Eye Gels revive tired, fatigued eyes in just 5 minutes. Hydrogel patch technology provides deep hydration and eye revitalization in a way that topical creams or serums cannot.

Highly advanced cooling and refreshing translucent hydrogel patches accelerate the delivery of essential ingredients Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. Stay-put patches ensure you get the ingredients where you need them most. The result is a smoother, brighter, more youthful appearance. Included: 30 Pairs of FlashPatch Eye Gels

What I think: These are so cool (LOL, they literally cool the skin around your eyes)! They feel amazing when applied and really de-puff eyes.  Plus you get a bunch — 30 pairs is a lot!

Available at

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