güd’s Red Ruby Groovy Collection

I am a sucker for hair and body care that smells great!  And if it’s affordable and readily available, all the better!

With the lush scent like Red Ruby Groovy, güd’s new hair and body care essentials combine natural formulas with indulgent experiences, so you can have it all. Red Ruby Groovy lavishes skin and hair with the lively scent of grapefruit and wild thyme. Discover that wild thyme isn’t just an ingredient, it’s a promise.

Gud Natural Body Lotion Gud Natural Body Wash gud Natural Softening Conditioner gud Natural Nourishing Shampoo

The products left to right are:

Natural Body Lotion – 8oz for $6.99 Natural moisturizers lavish you with the scent of grapefruit and wild thyme leaving skin wonderfully moisturized. Feel soft and smell groovy

Natural Body Wash – 10oz for $6.99 A citrusy start to your day, this natural body wash is scented with grapefruit, but also wild time – for a little wild-card factor. Cuz you’re a sweetie, not a sugar-coated sappy.

Natural Nourishing Shampoo – 12oz for $6.99 This gentle shampoo cleanses hair naturally, leaving it super-shiny and ultra-touchable. It’s like washing your hair in a sunny rain.

Natural Softening Conditioner – 12oz for $6.99 Hair loves its naturally moisturizing botanicals. You’ll love its zingy scent of grapefruit and wild thyme. It’s love at first conditioning.

What I think:  I really like all of these products.  The scent is fresh and a bit tangy.  Great for Spring and Summer.  I love how natural the product is.  Also, if you like to layer your fragrance, this set is perfect.  Head to toe yumminess!  And it makes hair soft and shiny, too.

Learn more and purchase at www.gudhappens.com.


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