Fun, Halloween-Inspired Products! Are We Scared Yet???

Halloween is just around the corner, and I am NOT ready.  With our recent house fire, I’ve got to get on the ball and find some costumes for my kids.  But, the following products are really helpful in getting us in the mood for fun!

Bath & Body Works Halloween Foaming Hand Soaps

Bath & Body Works Halloween Foaming Hand Soaps ($5.50 USD, now $2.75 USD): Hand washing takes a turn for the scary with these fright-night soaps:

  • Vampire Blood – a tempting blend of sweet plum, sugared strawberries and fresh raspberries
  • BrewBerry Witch – a bewitching brew of juicy blackberries, red raspberries and crisp iced pear
  • Pumpkin– an enticing blend of fresh pumpkin, spiced clove and cinnamon
  • Graveyard Scene– a haunting blend of gingered pumpkin, creamy caramel and vanilla

Purchase at

Have fun with your hair with Streakers ($11.95 USD) — Using an advanced liquid technology, Streekers instantly deposits bold, vibrant color that can be applied over mousse or styling gel. A revolution in temporary hair color, Streekers highlights wash out only when you want them out. The sleek, sponge-tip applicator guarantees flawless coverage and ultimate control for expertly-applied streaks.

To apply, lift dry hair up and away from the scalp in small sections, then apply Streekers from root to tip in long strokes. If you’re going for a multi-toned effect, wait one minute before applying the next color. When you’re ready for a new look, just shampoo as normal to rinse out the highlights.

Available Shades: Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, and Ultra Violet.  Available at ULTA stores or online at

Topshop Sugar Skull Nail Wrap

Topshop Sugar Skull Nail Wrap ($14 USD) Nail Rock collaboration with Topshop. Black and white sugar skull print wraps. These are super cute and a little scary!  There are other cute nail wraps at Topshop, too. Purchase at


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