Pamper Your Hands and Feet With LCN Nail Care

In the summer, hands and feet are on display.  I try to keep my nails polish — but sometimes I forget to take care of the skin around them.

LCN has some great mani-pedi products to prepare your skin for summer exposure.

LCN Urea Chapped Skin Cream

LCN Urea Chapped Skin Cream ($17.90 USD) — Urea 40 % Chapped Skin Cream containing 40 % urea reduces callusses with the help of fruit acids particularly fast and effectively without leaving an oily film and is supported by calming panthenol and nourishing bees wax and anti-inflammatory sage.

Aside from its main ingredient urea, the cream also contains a special carbohydrate complex and hyaluronic acid which is why it is optimally suited for daily use for stressed and chapped skin.
LCN Bamboo Cuticle Pen
LCN Bamboo Cuticle Pen ($15.90 USD) — Apply this moisturizing gel to the nail and cuticle daily to achieve strong healthy nails. Containing bamboo extract and shea butter, this is the ultimate natural health treatment for maintaining your cuticles, a key part of healthy, beautiful nails.
LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery
LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery ($11.90 USD) — This innovative top class multi  function polish combines 7 properties in one: Base Coat / Top Coat / Wet Look / Quick Dry /  Super Hardener / Ridgefiller / Whitener Especially for sensitive, thin and brittle nails, this LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery strengthens the nail plate and evens out surface irregularities. Like a protective shield, this viscous polish settles on top of the stressed nail and offers a means of recovery for the nail. Nails are shiny and firm and due to the whitener function brightened.Ideal to use as base coat to avoid yellowing of the nail caused by colour polishes as well as ensuring longer durability. Its ridge filling function ensures an even nail structure.For a perfect Wet Look Finish this super fast drying LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery can be used as a Top Coat sealant.

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