Get Glowing With Smashbox Soft Lights

I know this season is about bright pops of color on the face such as fuschia, orange and coral.  Those shades may be great for special occasions, but I am loving pale pearls and golds for everyday wear.  They remind me of soft sand beaches and shell, making me long for hot summer days on a beach…

I know, wake up Lorena!  It’s only March.  But at least I can make my skin glow with these two pretty Soft Lights powders from Smashbox.

Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights

I am in love with the Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Stardust.  It is a palette wheel of 2 of each shade — bronze,golden tan, soft pink, pale sand and soft white shimmer.

You can use this so many ways.  Mixed all together as a light bronzer, just mixing the light shades for a highlighter over the cheekbones, nose, under the eyebrows.  Using the darker colors as contour.  But, one of my favorite tricks is to use the separate shades as very soft eyeshadow.  This is a beautifully subtle day look and I love it for running to the store or to my kid’s school — so pretty!

Smashbox Soft Lights in Shimmer

The Soft Lights in Shimmer is a pretty peachy nude that is perfect for the face and body.  Brush this on your cheekbones, breast bone, shoulders…anywhere you wish to emphasize.  And it is shimmery, NOT glittery.  Perfect for spring and summer!

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