Discover The Skincare Benefits Of Chinese Chestnut and Black Soy With Wei East

I was so excited to try the Wei East line ! This is an anti-aging skin care line that I have been wanting to review. Here is the description from

East meets West when centuries-old Chinese herbal formulas combine with advanced American cosmetic techniques for younger-looking skin. Take a natural approach to beauty with pampering formulas that are a pleasure to put on. Chinese plants
and roots such as ginseng and ginkgo seed are harvested at carefully selected stages to obtain the highest quality.

I tried a few new items from the Chestnut Lifting and Firming line. A closely guarded firming recipe using the delicate, innermost lining of the Chinese Chestnut has not only been passed down for generations, but it has also been the treasured firming & lifting beauty secret for millions of Wei East customers over the last nine years – and it just got even better!

Now, using a proprietary fermentation process, Wei East is able to extract special Black Soy peptides and combine them with Chestnut to deliver the most dramatic firming and lifting beauty benefits yet.

Experience double the firming and lifting benefits with this exciting new advancement in skincare and unlock the secret to a firmer, more lifted appearance with these 3 new must-have products:

Wei East Chestnut Extra Firming Cream ($56.00 USD) — Help lift, firm and tighten skin with this firming cream. Infused with Chinese Chestnut, Black Soy, Green Tea and Honey, overall tone and resiliency will improve right before your eyes!

What I think: I have been using this cream at night over serum.  I smooth it over my face and neck.  After one use, my skin was smooth and moisturized; after a couple of weeks worth of use, I can tell that my skin is starting to looks a bit tighter.  I am going to continue use because I love how my skin looks!

Wei East Chestnut Firming & Contouring Pads ($25.00 USD)  —  Reverse age-related drooping and sagging with this quick, convenient treatment. Key ingredients including Chinese Chestnut, Black Soy, Green Tea and Honey work to gently lift, firm and re-counter the skin, increasing tone and overall suppleness.

What I think:  This is fun to use and so easy.  I use it about every other night before my serums and creams.  It smells fab and feels cooling, plus it is firming and lifting!  Awesome!

Wei East Chestnut Refirming Eye Treatment ($35.00 USD) — Lift, tone and re-contour the entire eye area with the power of Chinese Chestnut, Black Soy, Seaweed and Chinese Angelica. These key ingredients work to naturally restore the eye area elasticity and smoothe away imperfections.

What I think:  This is my least favorite product of the three.  It has kind of a dry texture, so it is a little hard to smooth under my eyes.  It also irritated my extremely sensitive eyes.  Because of this, I only used it once so I can’t really review the effects of the cream.

All three products premiered on HSN in late July and will be available at in September 2011.  Enjoy!

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