The Lavanila Baby Collection

The Lavanila Baby Collection

Want natural baby products that are safe for your children? Unfortunately, many baby products include chemical ingredients. Luckily,  Lavanila Laboratories has recently created the 100% natural, chemical-free Baby Collection, so you can feel safer when you care for your little one.

This collection includes: 

Healthy Baby Wash ($16): This 100% natural two-in-one shampoo and body wash gently cleanses without stripping skin of essential moisture.

Healthy Baby Lotion ($15.oo USD): Providing daily nourishment and hydration, this weightless, fast-absorbing lotion strengthens and supports the development of healthy skin with 30 vitamins and minerals.
Healthy Baby Bottom ($15.00 USD): Developed to calm irritation and soothe redness, this 100% natural formula provides superior protection and prevention of diaper rash with natural zinc oxide instead of petrolatum, a harsh chemical derived from oil wells during gasoline production.
Healthy Baby Butter ($14.00 USD): Providing ultra-rich hydration to soothe dry skin and calm redness, this 100% natural nourishing butter is formulated with 30 vitamins and minerals selected to strengthen and support the development of healthy skin.
Healthy Baby Block ($20.00 USD): Combining titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, this chemical-free, healthy sunscreen protects delicate skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays to provide 100% natural SPF 40 protection.

All of these products have a mild and soft fragrance that a perfect for a cleansing and soothing a  baby. The lotion and baby butter smooth the skin and the sunscreen is safe to protect baby from sun. 
The Lavanila Baby Collection can be purchased at Sephora stores and Enjoy!

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