Get Your Nails in Shape for Summer with GoNails


My nails take a beating. I change colors weekly, since I review lots of different brands and colors on this blog. So since I am always polishing and removing (then repeat), my nails have been getting thinner and have cracks and a rough texture. I keep them short, but they still show the damage.  

I decided to fight the damage with GoNails, touted as “a revolutionary, clinically-proven nail growth treatment formulated to promote longer, stronger nails and healthy cuticles.”

The formula is an alcohol and formaldehyde-free, non-greasy cream that employs a unique combination of Lipoplastadine, Thymulen 4, biotin, keratin and collagen to promote nail strength and elasticity. GoNails also contains a triple patented ingredient, Arginine Aminobenzoate (AAB), a DNA-stimulator, to promote damage repair and cellular rejuvenation.
I really enjoy using this product, it smells fabulous as it has a light citrusy scent. I place a drop of cream on each nail then rub it into the nail and cuticle, massaging my fingers as I go. I have noticed after 3 weeks of use twice a day that my nails are stronger looking and have less cracks in them. They are also growing faster, which is great, but I have to clip them more often! If you are looking for something to help your nails grow and look better, check GoNails out.  

GoNails retails for $24.99 and is available exclusively at

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