Becca Cosmetics — Luxury Australian Company Will Help You Stay Beautiful This Summer!

Hot Australian cosmetics company BECCA Cosmetics creates high quality, natural looking makeup. The founder, Rebecca Morrice Williams founded the BECCA spurred on by the need to find a natural foundation that covers and conceals while staying fresh-looking all day long.

Always looking for great foundation, I’ve tried BECCA’s  Luminous Skin Colour ($42.00 USD), a combination tinted moisturizer and sheer foundation with a broad spectrum SPF 25 to protect against UVA and UVB rays. I found that this is very light coverage and moisturizing. It will be perfect for the summer when I want to throw on just one product to moisturize, cover and give ans SPF. I do need concealer for my dark circles and imperfections, but that is to be expected. All-in-all, a great tinted moisturizer! Also, it is available in a whopping 15 shades, so you are sure to find one that suits you.

A really fun and convenient product to go with your Luminous Skin Colour is the BECCA Beach Tint ($25.00 USD). This very pretty crème stain is easily blendable for cheeks and lips. It is  water-resistant, but is not leave lips feeling dry, as many stains do. Beach Tint comes in 5 delicious colors; Watermelon, Peach, Raspberry, Grapefruit and Strawberry. Not only are the shades the colors of the fruit, each tint is scented with that fruit. So fun! I have the Peach and the Grapefruit and Strawberry and they both smell fantastic!

Learn more about these great products and more at Enjoy getting ready for summer!

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