New Products from Gillette Satin Care to Keep Your Legs Smooth this Spring and Summer

Need smooth legs now that the weather is warmer and your skirts and pants are shorter? I think that smooth legs start in the shower or bath with shaving. To make this task easier, try a couple of great products from Satin Care — The new and improved formulation of their shave gel plus their brand-new In Shower Moisturizer.

I tried the Cooling Sensation Shave Gel ($1.99 – $3.49 USD). This refreshing gel has a light menthol and eucalyptus scent and does cool skin on contact. It goes on as a gel and foams up when you smooth it on. This gives a rich cream that is perfect for shaving — and skin is satiny-smooth afterwards.   

The Satin Care Shave Gel is available in 7 variations: Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, Cooling Sensation, Lavender Kiss, Alluring Avocado, Radiant Apricot and Floral Passion.

The fun new In-Shower Moisturizer ($3.99-$4.99 USD) gives a unique showering experience.  Once done shaving, apply moisturizer to wet skin, then rinse and pat dry. My legs are super soft and slick after I use this product. Plus, it claims to lock in moisture for up to 24 hours after using for 5 consecutive days. This would eliminate use of after shower moisturizer. Pretty nice, huh!

Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer comes in two formulas, Sensitive Skin and Dry. I used the dry and love the creamy fragrance.

Visit drugstores near you to purchase these fantastic products and get smooth for the spring and summer!

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