FACE Stockholm Chrystal Deodorant

FACE Stockholm Chrystal Deodorant

Are you a fan of natural deodorant? I love the idea, expecially if it is good for your skin. But normally I go for the extreme, keep-you-dry, almost-prescriptive deodorants. I am sadly a sweaty girl. But I do like the idea of natural deodorant. 

So, with some trepidation, I tried FACE Stockholm Chrystal Deodorant ($9.00 USD). The website describes it as: 

“Free of harmful aluminums, parabens, and chlorohydrate, our all-natural crystal deodorant combines pure mineral salts with Chamomile to provide gentle, soothing, 24-hour protection. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic, our formula neutralizes bacteria to prevent odor, not cover it. Clean, non-staining and never sticky it dries quickly leaving no residue. A healthy, effective alternative for you and the environment.” 

What I thought: 

I like this for an everyday, just-out-of-the-shower deodorant. What I mean is that if I’m not doing anything strenuous, I will apply this after I take a morning shower. But it doesn’t work for me to apply in the afternoon or evening before going out and definitely not if I am going to the gym. I like that it doesn’t have a scent that conflicts with perfumes or lotions, but it isn’t too effective in covering my natural odor if I sweat. I do think this is great for taking a break from my stronger deodorants, and I also like that it doesn’t leave white marks on my clothes. 

If you don’t sweat heavily, take a chance and try this deodorant. It is good for you and the environment! Visit www.facestockholm.com to learn more and to purchase.

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