Give The Gift of Too Faced This Holiday Season

Too Faced is that rare type of makeup company that makes products that are a combination of coolness — colors, packaging, even the product names — and really good quality everyday (and special occasion) cosmetics.  

On of my favorite Too Faced products is the Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer ($30.00 USD). It is a makeup primer scientifically formulated to achieve the look of flawless skin without makeup. I don’t usually wear primer unless I really love how it makes my face look and feel. This primer has a nude tone that melts into the skin, so ladies with all skin shades can wear it. It includes Vitamins A & C, Mulberry extract, and a powerful dose of Retinol to make pores appear smaller and hydrate skin.

I like wearing Primed & Poreless with just a little concealer and powder, because on its own, my face looks smoother and I don’t need full makeup. But, it would work well with liquid or powder foundation.

LASHLIGHT ($25.00 USD) — is an innovative mascara formula containing millions of microscopic mirrors that bounce light off lashes for a super-glossy, jet-black finish with an exclusive light up wand to spotlight each lash for the most precise application possible. Cool huh? LASHLIGHT is “formulated to thicken, lengthen, and condition while coating lashes with the glossiest of jet-black finishes to make eyes look brighter, whiter, and camera ready. A combination of Panthenol and Vitamins C and E keep lashes healthy and Red Algae increases Keratin resistance for maximum lash flexibility.”

I like this mascara, but don’t love it. It does make my lashes longer and thicker, but it clumps a bit and I have to work at it to get the clumps out. I do love the light and the mirror on the side of the tube — great for nightclub touch-ups! 
Glamour Revolution ($39.50 USD $100 Value) is a limited-edition makeup book that includes everything a to keep you beautiful this holiday season!

This set contains:
– Milk Chocolate Single Eyeshadow
– George & Weezie Single Eyeshadow
– Boy Toy Single Eyeshadow
– Label Whore Single Eyeshadow
– London Calling Single Eyeshadow
– Glamazon Single Eyeshadow
– Dirt Bag Single Eyeshadow
– Party Girl Single Eyeshadow
– Neptune Single Eyeshadow
– 3 Lip Glosses
– Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
– Brightening Blush in La Vie En Rose
– Shadow Insurance (colorless application)

What can I say? This is a fab kit that has everything you need to look stunning! I love the blush and bronzer — pretty together, and the eyeshadows and lip glosses include enough colors to make everyone happy!

Visit to purchase. You can also find Too Faced at Sephora and Ulta. Enjoy!

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