Three Custom Color Specialists’ Crème Concealer/Foundation

Three Custom Color Creme Concealer
Crème Concealer/Foundation

A great concealer is hard to find! I have recently tried Three Custom Color Specialists’ Crème Concealer/Foundation (Singles $22.50, Refills $15.00). This is a buildable concealer that  allows you to create tailored coverage, from to sheer to full. 

This is touted to have a rich and creamy texture that is appropriate for all skin types and is formulated to provide the most effective coverage for redness and dark circles.  I have been using it under my eyes and on blemishes. I really like how it instantly covers the discoloration and doesn’t settle in fine lines. It is very creamy and easy to blend. 

Use this with a brush or fingers or it can be used all over the face as a foundation.  It can also be blended with a face cream to create a tinted moisturizer.  This is available in 10 shades, which is a lot of variety for concealer! A custom blending service for the Creme Concealer/Foundation is also available.

Three Custom Color Specialists’ products are available at select beauty boutiques worldwide, via the hotline at 888.262.7714 and online at Contact them to purchase the products as well as ask about custom blending. 

One thought on “Three Custom Color Specialists’ Crème Concealer/Foundation”

  1. I also recently found this, have been using it as a foundation, applying it with a BB wet sponge, and LOVE it. I am in my forties, dryer skin, and need some xtra coverage and have tried every foundation under the sun from the cheap $2 Max on sale to the expensive.
    This one is Great!! LOVE the name of your blog also.

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