Get Lovely Lips with Kissable Couture

Kissable Couture
Kissable Couture

Kissable Couture is a luxury lip gloss line that is created by former model Keisha Nash Whitaker and makeup artist AJ Crimson. They created the line to give women sophistication, elegance and to make them feel sexy.

I love these lip glosses! They are shiny and natural feeling, and not at all sticky. The glosses come in a variety of colors from sheer and shimmery to opaque and glossy. My two favorites are sheer: Dreams, a very light pink and Horizon, a pinky-bronze. They stay on for quite a while and look fresh the whole time. Very nice!

The lip glosses retail at $22.00 each. Visit the website at to purchase or to find a retailer near you. Enjoy your glossy lips!


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