Pixi Revisited

I was walking through the cosmetics aisle at Target yesterday, and I glanced at myself in a mirror. I realized that I had forgotten make-up; I was completely bare-faced. I. forgot. makeup. Oh my.

So I quickly ran to the Pixi display because they have full testers out. I am naturally drawn to Pixi because of the colors and the packaging. It is very pretty.

I first dipped my fingers in the Flawless Vitamin Veil in Fair. It is a creamy foundation that contains Vitamin E. I used it as both concealer and foundation. This foundation feels a bit greasy, so I would not recommend this to ladies with oily skin. It covers very well, though. It even camouflaged my dark under eye circles.

I then applied the Energy Blush in Golden Energy. This little kit contains a highlighter and blush and comes in four color combinations; Golden Energy, Pretty Petal, Pick-Me-Up Pink and Naturally Sunny. I blended the colors together with the included brush and blended it on my cheekbones and forehead. This gave me a subtle glow.

For a dramatic twist, I also tried Pixi’s Lid & Line in Smoky Olive. This cool little tube holds an inky powder with a sponge applicator in one end and a creamy liner in the other. This made a nice smoky eye and in the olive color it worked for daytime. The other colors are; Smoky Black, Smoky Blue, Smoky Mink, Smoky Bronze and Smoky Plum.         

Almost everything I’ve tried from Petra Strand’s Pixi Line has worked for me. I would highly recommend that you try it out. And, I walked out of Target looking better than I did when I walked in, so that’s a pretty good endorsement!

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