Sunscreen For Both Moms And Children

Of course, mom’s and kids can use the same sunscreen, but below are two brands that make specific sunscreens — one makes pastel colored sunscreens that smell like bubblegum the other creates wipes that smell like Italian blood orange.  They are:

Sunbow Sunscreen Spray ($9.99) — SPF 30,  Provides a non Oxybenzoate formula with Homosalate (Organic Compound),         Antioxidant protection, Continuous hydration, Bubblegum fragrance, and are available in SpongeBob SquarePants (yellow formulas) and Dora the Explorer (pink and blue formulas) packaging.

Sunbow Sun Stick ($7.99)  — SPF 45, Antioxidant protection, Continuous hydration, Bubble gum fragrance, SpongeBob  SquarePants (yellow formula) and Dora the Explorer (pink formulas). Sunbow products are available at and

The coveted gentle, physical-based formula of TOCCA’s SPF 30+ Multipack protects against UVA and UVB rays while leaving your skin glistening and delicately fragranced in TOCCA’s classic Italian blood orange scent, Stella.  With ten Towelettes to a pack, it is perfect for individual use or to share among less sun savvy friends. (Retails for $24 at