Fight Aging With Boscia Skin Care

I love that so many new skincare companies use natural ingredients and limit the use of preservatives. Boscia is a brand based in Yokohama, Japan, that creates preservative-free, botanically-based skincare. I have recently tried some of these wonderful products and they make my skin look as beautiful as the natural ingredients they use to make them! 

Recharging Night Moisture ($33.00 1 fl. oz, $44.00 1.4 fl. oz) is described as, “A concentrated cream of Oriental botanicals works overnight to nourish and revitalize your skin. An advanced penetrating, Encapsulated Ampelopsis Grossedentata, absorbs quickly to condition skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Phytoglycogen helps restore the look of vitality to damaged skin. Hydrolyzed Yeast promotes new skin cell production while Soybean helps balance skin from the sometimes harsh effects of hormonal and environmental changes. Jojoba Leaf, a powerful antioxidant, combats free radical damage and Willow herb, soothes tired skin.”

What I think: This cream is very light yet nourishing on my skin. I have noticed that immediately after use my skin looks smoother and a few weeks after use, it seems brighter. I also think the price is very reasonable for the quality of the product.

Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment ($38.00 .5 fl. oz.) — “A silky cream that hydrates and revitalizes the delicate eye area. Two combined amino acids, Alanine and Glutamine, and a powerful antioxidant, Jojoba Leaf will improve softness and prevent the signs of aging. Coix Seed and Tocopherol-Vitamin E reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Willowherb, a unique anti-irritant, Jujube Fruit and other beneficial ingredients help accelerate cell renewal and smooth the appearance of fine lines.”

What I think: I really love this light and soothing eye cream. I have been using it every morning and every night. Like all eye creams, I smooth it under my eye, at the outer corner of my eye and under my eyebrow. It is absorbed into my skin very quickly and leaves my eyes looking lifted and awake. Over time, it has diminished the dark circles under my eyes, which are my main area of concern around my eyes.

Visit to learn more, they can also be purchased at Sephora and Enjoy!