Ole Henriksen Pick Me Up Tonic and All Purpose Aloe Vera Gel

Ole Henriksen creates skin care that celebrities, and regular folk (like myself) love. Mr. Henriksen had said, “My studies in cosmetic chemistry and experience from treating skin, hands on, has given me a clear idea as to the function and content of each product I have developed. This has resulted in a series of pure, natural, high-performance products that are forever evolving through my continued research.”

I am always looking for great skin care products, especially ones that will help my troubled combination skin by minimizing my pores. Ole Henriksen’s Pick Me Up Tonic ($21.00 7 oz mist, $30.00 12 oz) has really helped make my pores appear smaller. This oxygenating gentle toner claims to awaken skin & minimize pores. it contains alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C & chamomile oxygenates and is paraben-free. I have the mist and I like to use it both ways. For intense toning I apply with a cotton pad. For a mid-day pick-me-up, I spritz it on my face. It smells fresh and feels great!

I also have tried Ole Henriksen’s All Purpose Aloe Vera Gel ($30.00 8 oz) — I love this product! I is a coolingoil-free gel that helps sooth skin irritations with chamomile. It is touted to help skin that is irritated by a rash, cut or sunburn. It can be uses all over the body. It feels cooling and soothes after a tough day. I used it one day when I burned my finger on my stove, and it helped relieve the pain.

Visit www.olehenriksen.com to learn about and purchase these and many more great skin care products.